Best 1800 Keyboards In 2022 With 96% Mechanical Layout

Find out the best 1800 Keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout with detailed review of each product. These products have been picked and selected based on their exceptional performance and quality.
Find out the best 1800 Keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout with detailed review of each product. These products have been picked and selected based on their exceptional performance and quality.

Finding the right 1800 keyboards in 2022 with 96% mechanical layout can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the keyboard world, but you dont have to worry as we have done the hard work and have a list of 10 best keyboard products that will help you in narrowing down your choices and make the right decision. An 1800 keyboard is a keyboard that comes with a special 96% layout. The Home, End, Page Down, and Page Up function keys of a full-size keyboard are moved to the left side of the Numpad on the 1800 mechanical keyboard. The “Delete” key is positioned just above the “Backspace” key, parallel to the F1-F12 line and this is one of the most crucial feature of this keyboard.

An 1800 mechanical keyboard contains 99 to 104 keys that are simpler to reach with one hand than a full-size keyboard. One of the primary reasons for this is because there is no considerable space between the primary button and the Numpad, and also because of the way the keys are laid out; it is one of the most efficient keyboard layouts. Regrettably, this keyboard size isn’t very popular. We did our best to investigate all of the models accessible online and integrate them into this page because there aren’t many keyboards of this size. The 1800 keyboards with 96% mechanical layout is the appropriate size for you if you desire a compact keyboard without sacrificing the Numpad or other functionalities.

10 Best 1800 keyboards in 2022 with 96% mechanical Layout

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We have tested and selected these ten best 1800 keyboards in 2022 with 96% mechanical layout that will meet all of your demands and also stay inside your budget. The list will include products with different price ranges so no good product gets left out.

1. Cherry G80 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout

Cherry G80 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout​

The Cherry G80 is a powerful 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout on the market. The Cherry G80 has the same 104 keys as a full-size keyboard, but it’s in a smaller and more compact configuration. This compact keyboard has ABS keycaps and Cherry MX Special for its switches, allowing you to type quickly and precisely. Only USB connections are supported by the Cherry G80-1800, which is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. The Cherry G80-1800 keyboard lacks RGB and software support. However, it is still one of the best typing 96% keyboards created by Cherry MX.

The G80 features Programmable keys with which you can reassign keys or set up complex macros for effortless execution easily. Aside from that, the keys are the same size as those seen on a typical ANSI keyboard. The function keys are also crammed together to make room for the LED indicators that sit between F12 and Insert. The G80 isn’t poorly manufactured, but it’s also not the best in terms of quality. For starters, the plastic casing is held together by clips rather than screws. Furthermore, we found that, unlike current boards, the G80 does not have a metal top plate and instead employs PCB-mounted switches. Overall it’s a pretty decent 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout having a lot of features considering its price range.


  • A compact 1800 layout with 104 keys.
  • Flip-up feet.
  • Classic and attractive design.


  • Non-removable cable.
  • Not factory lubed and its plastic chassis.

2. Drop Shift 1800 Keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout

Drop Shift 1800 Keyboard

The Drop Shift Mechanical Gaming 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout comes with an aluminum frame that is nicely polished in silver, which makes it look attractive. This makes it fairly robust compared to a normal plastic keyboard. The overall dimensions are 15.2 inches broad, 5.5 inches tall, and 1.7 inches thick. It’s not the heaviest 96% keyboard on our list that we have tested, with just over 2 pounds. When you hold it in your hand, though, it still seems substantial, and it has a set of thick rubber feet that prevents it from sliding about and protects it from scratches. The 99-key layout is well-thought-out, with just the Print Screen, Scroll Lock, and Pause keys being removed. There is no right “Ctrl” key; you wouldn’t miss it because, let’s face it, nobody uses it in the first place. 

The keys are hot-swappable, which means they can be replaced without soldering. If you don’t like the switches, just remove them and replace them with new ones. This is also useful if one of the switches fails because you simply need to replace the switch. The alphanumeric keys on these 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout have grey keycaps, whereas the rest of the keys have black keycaps. The material used to make these keys are PBT plastic which is a major improvement over typical ABS keycaps. PBT caps offer a softer feel and are less likely to gather finger oil. They’re also more durable since they won’t fade or get gleaming as they age. From behind, customizable RGB backlighting glows through. This can provide you with the ideal appearance to complement the rest of your equipment.


  • Attractive design with a burly aluminum frame.
  • Available with various switches.
  • PBT plastic made keycaps.


  • A bit pricey.

3. Keychron K4 1800 Keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout

Keychron K4 1800 Keyboard with 96% Layout

This Keychron K4 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout is ideal for individuals who value quality over money. This is due to its unparalleled design and intelligent manufacturing, making it far easier to use than other mechanical keyboards on the market. Additionally, the RGB lighting beneath each key improves its adaptability for evening use while allowing you to reach maximum productivity without sacrificing other elements. 

The small size adds to its modest weight, promoting its long-term mobility. Another factor contributing to the keyboard’s increased mobility is its wireless nature, which allows you to connect it to other devices through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It works with several operating systems, including Windows and Mac. When testing this product, we found that it can last for seven days on a single charge while using it for roughly eight hours each day. You won’t have to worry about recharging it repeatedly. Finally, the switches on this 1800 mechanical keyboard are pretty sensitive and will quickly record a keystroke with a light touch. This saves you time and money by reducing the amount of work you have to put in when gaming. It also extends the life of the keys.


  • Excellent battery performance.
  • Multiple-device compatibility.
  • Adjustable positions.


  • Non-swappable keys.

4. EPOMAKER GK96S 1800 Keyboard

EPOMAKER GK96S 1800 Keyboard

The EPOMAKER GK96S is a great 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout that performs well when compared to other Compact mechanical keyboards; this keyboard features a peculiar layout design. The body of this keyboard is built of high-grade, thick ABS plastic, which adds to its overall quality. The EPOMAKER GK96S includes a total of 96 keys and PBT plastic keycaps that are of excellent quality and durability. This hot-swappable mechanical keyboard accepts switches from Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, Ajazz, and other manufacturers. Because it can employ a variety of mechanical switches, the EPOMAKER GK96S is an extremely versatile keyboard.

It offers a wide range of connecting choices, including a detachable USB Type C connector and a Bluetooth 5.1 connection that allows you to connect to three devices at once. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS/iPad. This 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout comes with many features, outstanding build quality, and high-quality PBT keycaps in small body size with a Numpad. Programmable keys, Multimedia keys, and layer functions may all be readily modified using Epomaker software for RGB features with numerous animation possibilities.


  • Two-step feet and great build quality.
  • High-quality accessories.


  • Poor LED brightness and unintuitive software.

5. IQUNIX F97 Hitchhiker 1800 Mechanical Keyboard

IQUNIX F97 Hitchhiker 1800 Mechanical Keyboard

The IQUNIX F97 Hitchhiker 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout comes in a slim aluminum-alloy casing with 100 keys and is fully hot-swappable; it also features brand new keycap color themes and an upgraded Bluetooth 5.1. The F97s case is built in the same way as its predecessor and is made up of four metal side panels that join to a solid aluminum backplate by screwing them together like a picture frame. With a weight of 2.64 pounds, the board feels solid in your hands and has no flex. Two rear-domed feet on the bottom of the casing enable a 6° typing angle. A USB Type-C port can also be found on the rear of the casing. The hot-swappable PCB switches come with north-facing LEDs on the inside. The IQunix software, as well as three and five-pin mechanical switches, are supported by the PCB on this 1800 mechanical keyboard.

This 96% Keyboard comes with either Cherry MX or TTC switches for stock switches (at a $10 premium). On top of that, there’s a textured set of dye-sub PBT keycaps and a set of silent Costar stabilizers. The ergonomic KDA design of the keycaps follows the tilt of the keyboard. In addition to Bluetooth 5.1, it comes with a 2.4 GHz dongle and can connect via cable. A Li-Po battery with a capacity of 4000-mAh powers the wireless keyboard, and with the lights turned off; this may survive up to 260 days (8 hours each day) on a Bluetooth connection. Overall, the IQunix F97 is a high-end 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout featuring distinct looks and functions. It does, however, come at a price, with the backlit version starting at $265.00.


  • PBT keycaps.
  • Connectivity in three modes and a long battery life.
  • Excellent build quality.


  • A bit expensive.

6. Leopold FC980M 1800 Keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout

Leopold FC980M 1800 Keyboard
Source: Reddit u/Xinchy

The Leopold FC980M is a high-quality 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout having minimal frills. It adopts a layout inspired by the Cherry G80-1800, with a shortened set of arrows and a strip of home keys above the Numpad. It also has a sleek pair of dual-tone PBT keycaps that make it stand out. To support the 96% layout, the FC980M features a 1u zero key on the Numpad, similar to the G80. However, it does choose a non-standard bottom row that is slightly different. A one-unit Windows key, a right Alt key, and a right CTRL key are all included. It also gets rid of the right-hand Windows key.

The FC980M is made of a two-part ABS casing with a steel mounting plate sandwiched in between. The front of the casing is low and ergonomically curls up towards the rear. Four rubber feet, two plastic flip-up feet, and a dipswitch for changing the 1800 keyboard layout may be found after the lid is flipped over. The FC980M gives a terrific typing experience and sounds excellent right out of the box, especially considering it’s a pre-built board. This is partly due to the Cherry-style stabilizers being pre-lubed and the sound dampening pad at the bottom of the casing, which lowers any resonance-induced echo.


  • 5mm thick keycaps.
  • Sleek aesthetic.
  • Cherry MX switches and sound dampening mat.


  • Mini USB.
  • Lacks a few features than other 1800 layout keyboards.

7. FIRSTBLOOD ONLY GAME B16 Gentiana 1800 Mechanical Keyboard

B16 Gentiana 1800 Mechanical Keyboard

The FIRST BLOOD ONLY GAME is a small 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout that is both stylish and comfortable, making it ideal for various applications. This keyboard is an excellent choice for both gaming and casual working. The brightly colored keys make it much simpler to distinguish between commands, and you can easily hit the appropriate key depending on which one you wish to register. The keyboard has an excellent layout and has 96 keys in total, so you get the sense of typing on a conventional keyboard. There’s also a Numpad, which makes math and other related tasks simpler. This 1800 keyboard comes with a long USB connection regarding its connectivity. You can simply connect it to your computer and get to work. The keys and the frame both have a substantial feel to them. The chassis is made of polybutylene terephthalate, a high-quality plastic that is less robust than metal. You may switch the keys at any moment by removing the frame.

Using the FN+F5-F9 combo, you can select from roughly 21 different illumination styles. Rubber feet on the underside of this keyboard keeps it sturdy even if you touch the keys furiously. Thanks to the built-in adjustable kickstand, you can easily modify the typing position to your liking. Overall, this 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout provides all of the features you’ll want. The battery is easy to charge, and you may use it with practically any device to enjoy good gaming and typing pleasure.


  • Quiet and tactile keys.
  • 21 backlit modes.
  • Hot-Swappable keys


  • RGB backlit is not available.
  • Not suitable for traveling.

8. Royal KLUDGE RK100 - Popular 1800 Keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout

Royal KLUDGE RK100 1800 Keyboard

The Royal Kludge RK100 is a great 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout that comes with a small white aluminum frame. It has a width of 15.5 inches, a height of 6.5 inches, and a thickness of 2.3 inches. It’s precisely in the center of the pack in terms of its weight which is 2.49 pounds. It also has PBT keycaps, so there’s no need to worry about finger grease or wear. This 96% keyboard features a 100-key layout that includes most of the regular keys and a Print Screen key. It can easily capture screenshots if your game’s launcher doesn’t support them. The keys are available in two distinct color schemes depending on your desire. The ” Classic ” offers a more classic appearance with grey and white keys and an orange escape key. With slabs of cream, grey, and orange keys, the “Carbon” is significantly more vibrant. Both color schemes have RGB backlighting that can be customized. 

This 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout, like the Keychron K4, can pair with up to three devices through Bluetooth 5.1. You might also use the 2.4GHz wireless dongle. We found that there is just one connection possible, although it has a shorter latency than Bluetooth 5.1. The 3,750mAh battery will last several days when used in wireless mode, and if you leave your RGB backlights on, you’ll receive less battery life.


  • PBT plastic made keycaps.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • Two built-in USB ports.


  • Problematic software.

9. FL-Esports FL980 1800 Keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout

FL-Esports FL980 1800 Keyboard

The FL980 is a wired 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout by FL ESPORTS, a Chinese company. Although it’s promoted as a gaming keyboard, it’s equally at home in a professional setting. This is due to its classic, retro-style design, which is reminiscent of vintage IBM computers from the 1980s. The ABS casing features square, boxy edges and a high profile. Both sides contain deep grooves with many stages to help reduce some of the bulk. When seen from an angle, it appears in an L-shaped profile. There’s also a middle casing for a USB-C cable and two flip-out feet beneath. The FL980 comes with Kailh Box Whites that are clicky. However, because the Kailh sockets are on a hot-swappable PCB, you can easily swap them out for different 5-pin switches. 

You’ll appreciate the fact that the plate-mounted stabs on these 1800 keyboards are interchangeable and have very little rattling right out of the box. Finally, the RGB implementation is good, with 16.8 million colors and more than ten different lighting preset settings. The hotkeys built into the keyboard allow you to switch between all settings on the go. You can also use the setup tool to tweak the RGB lights, keys, and macros. Overall, the FL980 is a fantastic-sounding 1800 keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout for all keyboard enthusiasts.  


  • Dampening foam and solid build quality.
  • Retro-style aesthetic.


  • Not wireless.

10. Akko 98-Key 1800 Keyboard with 96% mechanical Layout

Akko 98-Key 1800 Keyboard with 96% mechanical Lay

The Akko 98-Key 1800 is an excellent 1800 Keyboard, and even though the whole body is comprised of ABS plastic, the 96% mechanical keyboard has a good build quality that will last longer. It comes with 98 keys with double-shot PBT keycaps of excellent quality. The mechanical keyboard employs Gateron Orange Tactile Switches, which offer powerful feedback and are not too loud.

There are no RGB or software functions on this keyboard; it just comes with a Type C connector for connecting to computers running Windows, MacOS, or Linux. However, the keys may be programmed using keyboard functions. The Akko 98-Key is the cheapest on the market right now if you want a good 1800 Keyboard with a 96% mechanical Layout.


  • Affordable price.
  • Great build quality.
  • Non-scratchy or slippery keycaps.


  • No RGB or software functions.


A good 1800 keyboard with a 96% mechanical Layout is what you need if you’re a gamer, a writer, or if you spend hours programming. These medium to small sized 1800 mechanical keyboards are popular for their size, with all the keys of a full-sized keyboard, making them the ideal space-saving alternative. Our team has selected all the keyboards mentioned above using various testing methods to ensure you get the best quality of 1800 keyboards. We hope this article will help you in making your decision easier.

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