Best 65% Keyboards in 2022

Best 65% Keyboards for Gaming 2022

Check out some of the best 65% keyboards of 2022 to suit all your gaming and typing needs along with detailed review of each product.
Check out some of the best 65% keyboards of 2022 to suit all your gaming and typing needs along with detailed review of each product.

Finding the ideal 65% Keyboard might be difficult, especially with so many various types of keyboards on the market right now and having a  good mechanical keyboard is just as crucial as the PC on which you play your games and can actually even be the difference between winning and losing – not to mention the gaming mouse and headset that go with the complete setup. We will do our best to provide you with a multitude of high-quality selections in the 65 percent keypad category. 

The 65% keyboard are one of the best sizes you can imagine for a keyboard, especially if you use it for gaming purposes, as they fit in nicely and are very easy to use. They are ideally suited to the same size of laptop keyboards, providing enough area for you to swing your mouse around during those intense 1v1s. This physical factor has experienced a surge in popularity, with even the largest gaming companies venturing into this brave new realm formerly inhabited primarily by mechanical keyboard fans.

A keypad with no functional bar, navigational buttons, or num-pad makes up a 65% keyboard, leaving only alphanumeric, switches, and directional buttons. Some less-used actions are relocated from specialized buttons to common keys on keyboards with less compared to the typical set of buttons, necessitating the usage of a modification like Fn (Function) for the required keystroke to be recognized by the computer.

How many keys and switches does a 65% keyboard have?

A 65% Keyboard typically has 65-68 keys and 67-68 switches. Some of the best 65% keyboards are small and stable, with minimal squeaking or wobbling. Great responsiveness, fantastic build construction, and a firm touch should all be present when pressing the buttons. There should also be a plethora of high-quality switch choices and after market personalization possibilities. There are a plethora of 65 percent mechanical keys on the marketplace currently, and a few decent ones will have you ditching your current keyboard real fast.

65 percent keyboards feature a more accurate and reliable experience because of their mechanical switching and are preferred among hard-core gaming enthusiasts and minimalists. So, without wasting any more time lets get into the best ones that you can buy right now.

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10 Best 65% Keyboards - Our Top Picks

Let us begin with the Ten best 65% keyboards on the market right now, which we will recommend based on our procedure, and we have chosen a combination of product pricing ranges that should not exceed your budget.

1. Ducky X Varmilo MIYA Pro Panda 65% Keyboard

Ducky X Varmilo MIYA Pro Panda 65% Keyboard
Source: r/MechanicalKeyboards

The Ducky X Varmilo is one of the best 65% keyboards available right now, for which the brand’s Ducky and Varmilo worked together. It is available in a variety of styles, and you may choose from a variety of Cherry MX switches (black, blue, brown, green, red, and so on) when placing your order. The keyboard’s manufacturing strength is excellent. The keyboard seems like a rock and provides a superb typing experience, thanks to its robust plastic chassis, firm keys, and little flex. It also has a moderately slop-sided design, which aids in writing aesthetics and simplicity of usage.

Because keycaps are constructed of Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT), among the most robust substances, they should not discolor with use. Every key is independently illuminated, and the illumination may be customized in various ways. You may assign patterns to all keys or create settings and save various lighting effects to them. Ambient brightness is only available in white on this 65% keyboard. The lighting, which is located at the front of the controls, can be altered with programming functions. Even though certain lights may be seen via the green keycaps, the keycaps are not shine-through. The Page Up and Page Down keys serve as lighting displays, indicating whether the top row’s digits or Function buttons are being used. 

There are no multimedia keys in this design. Macros, on the other hand, can be simply programmed using software that allows you to reconfigure certain buttons to media settings. When playing, you may padlock the Windows key by pressing Fn+Windows Key.


  • The Keyboard’s structure is solid and long-lasting.
  • The Cherry MX Switches on these come in a wide range of styles.
  • Modifier keys can be used to control buttons.


  • There is no RGB lighting; only white.
  • The spacebar stabilizers have a distinct feel to them than the remainder of the keys.

2. Durgod Hades 68 - 65% Keyboard

Durgod Hades 68 Mechanical 65% Keyboard
Source: Reddit u/not_a_throwaway10101

The Durgod Hades 68 is a great 65% keyboard that comes with a robust all-metal casing, high-quality pre-lubricated stabilizers, and a variety of switching configurations. Although it lacks hot-swappable boards, you have the option to choose from Cherry, Gateron, or Kailh switches.The Hades 68 offers complete per-key RGB with many light options, and the keycaps have recently been changed to dual shot PBT keycaps, which eliminates the prior iteration’s primary flaw. The extra perk is that the keycaps are Cherry patterns, with more chiseled key shapes than OEM.

The programming that is used in this 65% keyboard is its strongest selling point; every key can be remapped, and up to four levels of buttons can be used. The possibility of reconfiguring buttons to the tiniest specifics is something that many of the keyboards lessons off the list lack, and we are pleased Durgod is out to press that forward. Users receive a bundle for a slight price boost above our pick at a budget range of $120 to $150. More switch options, completely programmable software, and cherry-colored PBT caps are all included in the aluminum casing. There is a considerable difference between this keyboard and the others.


  • USB-C port is available.
  • There are several switch alternatives you can choose from.
  • Customizable program with a lot of power.
  • RGB illumination for each key.


  • Higher in price.
  • Because of keycap sizes, replaceable caps are a little more difficult to come by.

3. Keychron K6 - One of the best 65% Keyboards

The Keychron K6 is a wonderful option if you want a 65% keyboards that can connect to your smartphone or tablet. This wireless mechanical keyboard is small and lightweight and has a high manufacturing condition that enhances your writing comfort. Another advantage is its low bandwidth and capability to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Even without specific programming or macro-programmable buttons, the Keychron K6 RGB illumination can be adjusted on the board. Although the Gateron Brown switches’ lengthy pre-travel range, the writing quality is unaffected. Generally, the Keychron K6 is a good choice for a portable mechanical keyboard that is 65 percent mechanical.

You can easily switch from “Mac” and “Windows” settings with the button on the left bottom of the keyboards. It simply changes the windows and alt keys to Mac’s regular command and selection functions. The design is simple but efficient. The K6 mechanical 65% keyboard features a smaller layout than the previous iteration of the Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard. The multipurpose keys are still there, but the conventional numeric pads and a top-line array of letters are missing.


  • Multiple devices can be connection through Bluetooth wireless.
  • The construction quality is excellent.
  • The backlighting is fully RGB.
  • Excellent latency.


  • There is no program for personalization.
  • The comfort factor is not that good.

4. Snpurdiri - An Ergonomic 65% Keyboard

snpurdiri 65% Keyboard

The Snpurdiri is a great mechanical-feeling 65% keyboard. It’s simple to use and works with PCs, Macs, PlayStations, and Xbox consoles. You can easily integrate it using the USB Type-C connector, which delivers robust and high-speed internet connectivity. Unlike other mechanical keypads, the Snpurdiri PCB board has been given special care. You won’t have to be concerned about water in the shafts because it has tiny drainage holes. The ergonomic design of the high and low keys enables users to operate without straining their muscles. It also contains a foot stand, which helps to alleviate the pain. The symbols on the keyboard do not disappear with time because the keyboard utilizes UV-protected and injected laser cutting ABS keycaps.

It has various RGB options to improve the board’s general appearance. Six different lighting modes, eight single lighting color-switching choices, and opaque illumination alternatives are also available. You can change the lighting’s pace and intensity to suit your needs. Six lighting effects and eight backlight color changes are included in this 65 percent RGB keypad. It also has letters, as well as translucent and transparent backlighting making it a good 65% keyboard.


  • Combines practicality and simplicity to perfection.
  • Ergonomic design for portability.
  • Resistant to water.


  • There are just a few customizing possibilities.

5. Leopold FC660M Mechanical 65% keyboard

Leopold FC660M Mechanical 65% keyboard
Source: Reddit u/One-Sea-9211

The Leopold FC660M is one of the best 65% keyboards and what sets this keyboard apart from its competition is its smooth and small touches, DIP switches on the rear, a clean finish, super-durable keycaps, and a dampening spacebar. The presence of a micro USB rather than the regular USB-C that is common with most gadgets these days may be the sole drawback. The Leopold FC660M has a large number of keycaps. You receive that delightful click-clack sound when writing, thanks to the thick double-shot PBT keycaps and MX keys. It has a solid construction and enough stabilizers, which you can improve by lubricating. Its a high-end keyboard with a sleek white-on-black appearance and an injection-molded symbol that pops. 

This 65% keyboard weighs 1.54 lbs and has dimensions of 4.29′′ x 12.80′′ x 1.30′′. The stock keycaps that are featured on this keyboard are likely the most luxurious keycaps you will see nowadays. A few more features that should be mentioned are: Firstly, the color palette of the keyboard is dubbed in “Swedish,” which is influenced by the Swedish flag, with its vivid yellow and contrast blue making it look attractive. Second, the 1.5mm strong double shot PBT makes this pair of keycaps a delight to write on and not to overlook the legends’ clean and curved edges. Leopold understands how to manufacture a fantastic set of modifier keys to go along with their panels making this a great pick.


  • Excellent keycaps.
  • Comes with DIP switches .
  • Cherry MX controls are used.


  • There is no USB-C port.
  • Rubber feet on these are easy to lose.

6. LTC NB681 Nimbleback 65% Keyboard

LTC NB681 Nimbleback 65% Keyboard

The LTC NB681 Nimbleback is a portable 65% keyboard with a total of 68 keys. It is equipped with helpful arrows, commands, navigation controls, as well as a hot-swap PCB that enables you to change 3 or 5 pin buttons easily. MX-style controls are also supported. There are three distinct varieties of switches to pick from: Tactile and clicky blue switches, tactile and quiet brown switches, and linear and quiet red switches. They are all built to withstand up to 50 million strokes. There are 19 RGB lighting options on the keyboard, each with beautiful color schemes and reactive effects. The brightness and speed of the flowing water may both be adjusted.

Two USB pass-through connections are included in the keyboard, allowing you to attach other devices such as a storage disk and mouse to the device for quick accessibility and performance. The keyboard has an ergonomic 5-angle design that helps to prevent fatigue when used for long periods. With two foldable feet, you may adjust the height to your preference for quick and increased efficiency.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • There are 18 different RGB lighting settings.
  • There are two USB 2.0 connections as well as a Type-C wired connector.


  • There is no RGB programmability per key.

7. Drop Alt - Fan favourite 65% Hot-swappable Keyboard

Drop Alt 65% Hot-swappable Keyboard

The Drop Alt is a fan favorite 65% keyboard that attempts to provide you with anything you might desire in a 65 percent keyboard, and it essentially delivers. The Alt is for users with enough funds who want a no-compromise keypad without getting into bespoke keyboards. Hot-swappable switches, PBT double-shot caps, program personalization, two USB-C connections, and plenty of nice-looking RGB are all included in this keypad. Most keyboards don’t feature dual USB-C ports, which allows you to attach your connection to the left or right based on your desire which is an acknowledged and pleasant detail. The magnetized legs are also one-of-a-kind, with a mechanism that allows you to adjust the keyboard’s inclination or descent to meet your physiological demands.

You can purchase the Alt in normal Cherry Browns or Blues or choose something a bit more unique, like Halo True, Kaihua Speed Silver, Kaihua Box White, or Halo Clear. Alternatively, you can go barebones and install your switching; the hot switches allow you to swap out buttons or just experiment with different ones before purchasing a new panel. We found a few noticeable differences that given the Alt’s pricing of roughly USD 200, the stabilizers should be of superior quality; out of the box, they are a touch clunky. The simple design casing is likewise a touch empty, causing considerable echoing on bottom outs.


  • Switches can be swapped out quickly.
  • Support for QMK firmware.
  • Switch possibilities that are one of a kind.
  • Options for high-quality keycaps.


  • Relatively Pricey.
  • Stabilizers with a rattling sound.

8. Ducky One 2 SF - Great 65% Keyboard for Gaming

Ducky One 2 SF 65% Keyboard
Source: Reddit u/Major_1616

The Ducky One 2 SF is a popular and widely used 65% keyboard for gaming that works admirably. It is available in either black or white color style, so you can choose which one will best suit your needs. It also comes with a RGB LED illumination and b oth colours of this keyboard use double shot PBT plastic keycaps that are durable and long-lasting. The Ducky One 2 SF is available with the following switch configurations: Cherry MX Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Silver, and Silent Red. The casing of these mechanical keyboards is made of ABS plastic. The black variant seems black from the front, however it has a white bezels and a white bottom, making it more appealing. It has USB-C connectivity on the left side, rubber feet on the bottom, and two kickstands with two angle adjustments.

This keyboard, like many other 65% keyboards, includes a non-standard bottom row, therefore changing keycaps will be more difficult. Ducky also offers you some extra colourful keycap sets to add some flair, and both hues are lovely. Overall, this keyboard operates admirably and will not disappoint. Ducky is a well-known brand in the keyboard industry, and it offers some of the greatest sorts of keyboards available.


  • Attractive RGB Lights.
  • ABS Plastic casing is used.
  • Trust-worthy brand


  • Changing keycaps is a bit harder.
  • Available in 2 color variants.

9. ASUS ROG Falchion - Wireless 65% Keyboard

ASUS ROG Falchion 65% Keyboard
Source: Reddit u/aybrkgns

The ROG Falchion by the brand Asus is a great wireless 65% keyboard and, unlike other expensive portable wireless controllers that use Bluetooth. It provides dual-mode communication through wired USB and one millisecond 2.4 GHz RF. The keyboard is well-made, with minimal latency and RGB lights that can be customized. It allows you to assign patterns to any key on your keyboard. On the left edge of the panel is a customizable control screen that can be used to switch apps, adjust volume, or be customized to do a particular function. The ROG Falchion comes with various switches, namely Cherry MX RGB Red, Blue, Brown, and Speed Silver. All of the variants offer a comfortable writing experience.

It has a clear polycarbonate covering that offers excellent durability. Users can alternatively put the cover beneath the keyboard to soften the RGB lighting on the bottom. Asus promises that the keyboard will last 53 hours with the RGB lights on and up to 450 hours with the illumination off in terms of battery life, and we found this to be true. Overall if you want a wireless 65% Keyboard then you should definitely give this one a try.


  • Aura-Sync which is a wireless RGB illumination system.
  • On the left side, there is a customizable touch display.
  • Up to 450 hours of battery life.


  • Cant save your custom made profile to the Keyboard.

10. Fnatic Streak 65% Mechanical Keyboard

The Fnatic Streak65 offers subtle details you’d expect from a beautiful, compact 65% keyboard. It takes up very little desk space, measuring 31.75*10.84 centimeters, and weighs only 0.86 pounds. The keyboard has linear, ultra-fast switches with a 1 mm actuation distance and decreased overall travel for speedier typing. The pre-lubricated custom-molded stabilizers reduce rattling and irregularity while also improving keyboard sounds. Because the USB-C connector is at the top-left corner, it will not block your cursor motions. The keys have been engineered to emit more brightness across all sides, distributing it over the whole board to lighten your workspace.

Because of its compact size, it lacks several functions that other comparably expensive gaming 65% keyboards have. Bigger keyboards in the £110 / $110 range are considerably more apt to have features like USB pass-through for the mouse and specialized multimedia buttons and control dials, which the Streak65’s titchy design just does not allow for. If you care about such capabilities, the Streak65 is likely not the keyboard for you, and the keycaps on the Streak65 are a bit more susceptible to sticky fingerprints as compared to those on Fnatic’s other Streak keys. Keeping these factors aside, they felt wonderful beneath your fingertips and hands, and getting up to maximum typing speed with them was a breeze for us when testing these out.


  • Metal construction is made of Aluminium.
  • 8 million Colors in RGB.
  • Low-profile switches are pleasant to use.


  • Per-key light adjustments are not supported.

How We Choose and Test the Products

We conduct extensive research and due diligence before we begin reviewing any product here at Flyingshiba. It doesn’t matter if it’s a freshly released keyboard or an older model; we need to determine the broad web consensus and determine which are more preferred by users than others and why. We take all those products which have performed really well and have been bought by a lot of users. We use a mix of different price level products where some cost a little higher than the others, but overall you will find that most of the products will be within your budget.

Every keyboard we recommend is rigorously tested and widely utilized during our testing phase. These lengthy sessions with certain items provide us with a solid overall view of how it holds up in the present market, and the thing that we check first is how the keycaps operate and then see whether the product has any faults. RGB, weird noises and hardware quality are some of the other elements we also pay close attention to.


One of the best-kept secrets in the keyboard industry is that 65% keyboards optimize size and layout to produce an ultra-compact, ergonomic keyboard to type on, making them a good choice for the majority of keyboard enthusiasts. The best mechanical keyboards are usually the ones that efficiently answer and solve your problem. For games, it might be latency or the convenience of having an extra area for mouse movement or tactile feedback; hearing a sharp click-clack while typing can help programmers or regular people who just want to text in a relaxed state. With so many options available, you can’t go wrong with selecting a good 65 percent keyboard for your setup, and we hope our article will help you in narrowing down your choices.

Abhishek is a Digital marketing graduate with extensive experience in writing for finance, lifestyle and tech. He has worked with numerous marketing and advertising agencies throughout his professional career. His interest in the world of Gaming and technology motivates him to stay informed about every little detail and write with passion.