Best CX-9 Loadout For Warzone Multiplayer and Rebirth Maps

Lets take a look at the best CX-9 Loadout For Warzone that you can use in multiplayer and rebirth Maps and dominate your enemies.
Best CX-9 Loadout For Warzone Multiplayer and Rebirth Maps

The CX-9 debuted in Warzone on August 3, 2021, at the conclusion of Season 4 of the Black Ops Cold War period. Followers of Call of Duty: Warzone are eager to obtain the new CX-9 gun because the early CX-9 Warzone loadouts look very strong and because it has been lurking on the Warzone sidelines for months now. A CX-9 blueprint version named the Serac, first spotted in February 2021 during Season 2, began unintentionally dropping out of loot crates and another yet-to-be-released weapon, the RAAL LMG.

Ever since gamers have been waiting for the CX-9 to be released at the start of each new Warzone season, and now, at the end of Season 4, it has been released. The Season 4 Reloaded patch mentions a “long-awaited” weapon that will be released shortly, and we now know that it was referring to the CX-9. We don’t know if the SMG will become one of the finest Warzone weaponry just yet, but we do know that gamers will be rushing to get their hands on it and max it up.

Best Attachments and Loadout For CX-9 In Warzone

Best CX-9 Loadout For Warzone
Credits: Activision
  1. Perk: Sleight of Hand
  2. Stock: CX-FR
  3. Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  4. Barrel: CX-38S
  5. Ammunition: 50 Round Drums

What you see here is a well-rounded loadout for CX-9 that may be used in a variety of circumstances. This CX-9 warzone loadout is well-balanced and suitable for different styles of play. One interesting feature of this weapon is that, like the Modern Warfare MP5, it features a barrel that also functions as a suppressor, freeing up an attachment space. The CX-38S Barrel on it is very efficient, and we highly recommend it for this setup. It increases your damage range, enhances your recoil control and bullet velocity, and provides sound suppression. This attachment will come in handy while engaging in mid-range gunfights. Then, for improved mobility and aim-down sights (ADS) quickness, use the CX-FR Stock. This will compensate for the CX-38S Barrel, which significantly slows the weapon down.

We recommend using the Merc Foregrip Underbarrel, which enhances recoil control and hip fire precision. This will also help you maintain your crosshairs aligned at a moderate range. Once again, we recommend using the CX-9’s highest ammunition capacity, in this case, the 50 Round Drum. The time to kill (TTK) in Warzone is substantially slower than in multiplayer. Thus you’ll need as much ammunition as possible, especially in the bigger squad matches.

Finally, we recommend using the Sleight of Hand Perk to assist counteract the rapid rate of fire of this weapon. Because of the fast firing rate, you’ll go through ammo rapidly, and theres a good chance you can get caught reloading in the middle of combat. To counteract this, the Sleight of Hand Perk works brilliantly.
This loadout build will operate best in Trios or Quads. If you’re playing Solos, you can certainly enhance your mobility and ADS timings by adjusting the attachments somewhat. In this circumstance, a Solo player may get away with a 30-round magazine, increasing their mobility.

Let's Look at How You Can Unlock The CX-9 in Warzone.

In Warzone, you can unlock the CX-9 by completing the following in-game challenge:

  • You will need to get at least two long-shot kills with an SMG in five separate matches.

This unlocking requirement may be performed in Warzone or the online multiplayer mode of the game from which it is derived, in this case, Modern Warfare. For those of you who do not want to grind the challenge, you may buy a CX-9 blueprint from the store.


There were some fears that the Warzone CX-9 might be broken or overpowering when released, but fortunately, it’s a well-balanced Warzone weapon that’s well worth utilizing. It boasts a quick firing rate, a plethora of valuable and adaptable attachments, and is fun to use. Long-range engagements will be challenging, but that is to be anticipated with an SMG. We hope this build will help you defeat your opponents more quickly and efficiently. Have fun gaming!

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