Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain and Better Posture in 2022

Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain and Support in 2022

Take a look at this list for some of the best gaming chairs for back pain and support in 2022. These chairs will provide you with the utmost comfort and avoid any risk of back pains and other issues.
Take a look at this list for some of the best gaming chairs for back pain and support in 2022. These chairs will provide you with the utmost comfort and avoid any risk of back pains and other issues.

If you’re looking for some of the best gaming chairs for back pain and support, this article will help you decide on the right chair for you, help your body posture, and avoid any back pains and other issues. The creation of high-quality and ergonomic gaming seats has only been started to relieve various pains and issues faced by the users who use these chairs for long periods. Professional players use ergonomics gaming chairs because they provide full-size spinal alignment. These seats help gamers improve their posture, allowing them to play for extended periods. They also have a head cushion that will support your neck, keeping you comfortable while playing. 

These chairs are available in a wide range of heights, styles, and price points. For gamers who typically spend 6 hours a day playing, a good gaming chair for back pain is essential. So, let’s take a look at some of these gaming chairs, and we will also discuss some important talking points after the review.

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7 Best Gaming Chairs For Back Pain and Support in 2022

These 7 best gaming chairs will help avoid issues such as back pains, neck injuries and will support your overall body posture at all times during intense and long sessions. The chairs have been selected only after testing them using the correct standard methods. 

1) Secretlab Titan Evo - Best overall gaming chair for back pain

Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair for back pain

The Secretlab’s Titan Evo is a great gaming chair for back pain that alleviates your back problems, helps keep your posture aligned perfectly, and supports it. The chair stands out among other gaming chairs due to its higher components and construction durability. It has a 17.7-inch seat width and comes in various sizes; it can accommodate people who are 4’11” to 6’9″ tall and weigh up to 200 pounds. The XL model of this chair is more expensive, costing $599 in leatherette and $619 in fabric. It has a 19.3-inch seat width and is suitable for adults weighing 395 pounds and standing between 5’11” and 6’9″. The back of the chair includes a metal plate with screw holes that connect to the chair’s hinges at the bottom, which is a significant change from the holes buried under the chair’s upholstery like most gaming chairs. So, you don’t have to dig into the bolts and wiggle until they engage properly, which makes its assembly a lot easier.

You can also replace the foam armrests with an optional squeeze solid techno gel armrest. Secretlab no longer includes a separate hip cushion with a Titan chair. Instead, the company prefers built-in lumbar support to dials that adjust the hardness of the chair where it hits the waist. Titan EVO enhances this support by including a second dial that adjusts the height of the lumbar support. According to Secretlab, it guides your body towards the chair’s center and helps provide the best support. So, you dont have to worry about back problems and other such issues.

Things that we liked

  • Excellent features.
  • Highly comfortable.
  • Comes with magnetic cushions and covers.

Things that we didn't

  • A bit pricey.
  • The materials of the chair are not as breathable as mesh.

2) Razer Enki Gaming Chair - Highly Durable Gaming Chair For Back Pain

Razer Enki gaming chair for back

The Razer Enki Gaming Chair is ideal for folks with back pain and other such problems. The chair is made to maintain your spine in proper alignment and free of painful pressure points! This gaming chair will provide the best comfort and support for your back if your gaming sessions last for more than 5 to 6 hours a day. Two reclining positions are available, and a robust metal base balances large weights and ensures stability. The armrests also provide pleasant support for long gaming sessions, while the backrest follows the natural curvature of your spine. With neon green and black PU leather and soft, thick molded foam filling throughout, this chair finds the perfect balance of design and comfort. 

The 3D soft coat-padded armrests are perfect for extending your arms or improving your posture to win matches. One of the features that we liked about the chair is its tilt and lock seat mechanism which allows users to sit in various poses, and the velvet-covered headrest cushion is very pleasant on the head.

Things that we liked

  • Tilt-and-lock seat mechanism.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Velvet-covered headrest pillow.

Things that we didn't

  • Not ideal for those who are shorter.
  • A little pricey.

3) DXRacer Tank Series - A Comfortable Gaming Chair For Back Pain Problems

DXRacer Tank Series gaming chair

DXRacer Tank Series is a well-known and respected gaming chair that helps with back pain and other problems. The most pleasing aspect is its padding, widely recognized for its attractive racing car style. The high-density molding foam in the backrest and seat cushioning of the DX Racer securely supports your back, legs, buttocks, and hips. The mold-forming substance reacts to the body and ensures a perfect fit. It uniformly distributes pressure across the body, making lengthy periods of sitting more pleasant. Furthermore, the foam maintains the padding’s structure for an extended period. This chair has several adjustments to allow gamers to tailor their seating experience. 

You can change the height of chair and recline it up to 135 degrees. You may also rock your chair up to 15 degrees back in any position. DXRacer makes it simple to sit up straight to play games, read, or lean back to relax. The frame’s top and lower bases are made of steel and aluminum, respectively—this aids in achieving a balance between toughness and lightness. DXRacer features a substantial two-year parts guarantee, so you may always replace any parts as needed if something goes wrong. Considering its price range, it’s a great gaming chair for back pain and support.

Things that we liked

  • 15-degree rocking feature.
  • High-density mold shaping foam.
  • Three different sitting modes.
  • 3D adjustable armrests.

Things that we didn't

  • Cheaper PVC leather.
  • No color options.

4) Mavix M5 - High End Ergonomic Gaming Chair For Back Pain and Support

Mavix M5 High End Ergonomic gami

The Mavix M5 is a high-end ergonomic gaming chair for back pain that delivers a luxurious Herman Miller-style gaming chair experience for a quarter of the cost. Most gaming chairs are giant chairs with a huge backrest that reclines when you pull the lever. You can find many stylish and practical alternatives for them. Still, they are usually as expensive as the $1,500 Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody. Mavix’s entry-level gaming chair; the M5, is a stylish, ergonomic, low-volume gaming chair. It has won the Editor’s Choice Award as the best budget option for buying an ergonomically adjustable and minimalist gaming chair that helps with your back pain problems. Both the back and seat of the upper chair are made of sturdy mesh suspended from a sturdy frame.

There is no padding, but it is elastic and supportive enough to make you feel comfortable. The back of the chair is made of synthetic leather glued to a durable fabric and is supported by a frame with enough for you to sit comfortably. The headrest is made of synthetic leather that is screwed onto the top of the back of the chair and hung on a frame attached to another hinge. It also includes a small plate that screws in place to attach the headrest so that the top of the chair looks seamless when the headrest is removed.

Things that we liked

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Highly adjustable and comfortable.
  • Attractive design.

Things that we didn't

  • Finicky height adjustment mechanism.
  • A bit pricey.

5) Secretlab Omega Soft Weave Gaming Chair For back pain and support

Secretlab Omega Soft Weave Gaming Chair For back pain and support

The Secretlab Omega Softweave is an excellent gaming chair for back pain and support that we have used, despite being in a highly competitive industry. It’s highly ergonomic, made of high-quality components, and will outlive most gaming chairs in this category. It’s a significant commitment that will more than cover the cost of entry. Its SoftWeave fabric is constructed of a short yarn mixed substance that is exceptionally thick, weighing 350 grams per sq meter, and the chair is made to be quite supportive. However, you may still lean backward, and the chair will adapt accordingly. The chair is paired with a unique aluminum armrest system that allows it to be adjusted in nearly any orientation. The Secretlab Omega Softweave achieves the ideal blend of ease, easiness, and support due to these mechanics.

Because of the high-density foam below, the chair may feel harder than you’d think, but not to the point of being unpleasant. It has just the right firmness to keep you from nodding off in the Omega chair. The design of this chair isn’t very striking, and regardless of whether you choose the Graphite or Cookies & Cream color scheme, this gaming chair will look well with your setup and support your back.

Things that we liked

  • Build-quality is amazing.
  • Cloth seating is comfortable and durable.
  • Memory foam pillows are really comfortable.

Things that we didn't

  • Till you become accustomed to it, seat cushioning might seem nearly too substantial.
  • Little pricy.

6) GTRACING Gaming Chair - High Build Quality Chair For Back Pain

GTRACING gaming chair for back pain

The GTRACING gaming chair for back pain and support is an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a budget gaming chair. For a fraction of the price of traditional gaming chairs, you get a lot of ergonomic features, including padded cushions, adjustable seat height, armrests, reclining, and even a retractable footrest. Footrests allow players to adjust positions simply by changing their weight, reducing the pressure on their back. Footrests will aid a person’s knees, ankles, feet, and thighs to become less tired while also aligning their posture. The deep reclining seat is something we found quite intriguing. It can recline to 170 degrees, allowing users to slumber during breaks. Also, it includes a thickly cushioned seat and back for long durations of sitting comfort.

GTracing uses bonded leather, which is a less expensive alternative to real leather. However, it has a smooth and uniform texture that makes it appear like an executive office chair. In addition, there is a removable and height-adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow. You may adjust the lumbar cushion exactly to alter where you need the greatest support.

Things that we liked

  • Contains a lumbar pillow and a height-adjustable headrest.
  • Comfortable sitting posture.
  • Affordable price.
  • Retractable footrest is included.

Things that we didn't

  • Non-padded armrests.
  • Less arm room.

7) AutoFull Gaming Chair - Highly Sturdy Chair Used in Esports

AutoFull gaming chair for back pain

The Autofill gaming chair is one of the best-built and most affordable choices, which will suit all your gaming needs and help with back pain and other issues. The Autofill comes with a retractable footrest to support your lower limbs and promote appropriate blood circulation when you’re reclining. It has a 5.1″ thick seat cushion, which is substantially thicker than typical, to make your gaming breaks even more pleasant. You also don’t have to worry about toppling over while completely reclined; the chair is well-balanced, and the solid metal frame with a level 4 gas lift cylinder adds to its stability.

The AutoFull’s armrests and somewhat modest backrest recline are its flaws. While the armrests rotate in and out, they do not lock into place when inclined; thus, a little impact may easily pull them out of position. We’d also like to see the backrest recline farther than 155 degrees, especially since the chair has a footrest. Overall, the Autofill is an excellent chair for kicking back and relaxing because of its solid build quality and kick-out footrest.

Things that we liked

  • Great build quality.
  • Retractable footrest.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Thick foam seat padding.

Things that we didn't

  • Armrests don’t lock when pivoted.
  • Despite its high price, the chair’s features are pretty basic.


A decent gaming chair will help you in many ways, like preventing back problems caused by the wrong posture of the older traditional chairs. Bones and organs become misaligned, which causes back pain, malaise, and chronic illness. Therefore, choosing the ideal gaming chair is essential that comes with lumbar support that balances the hips and spine. A tall, slanted backrest softens the upper back and neck, and the chair should also have an adjustable armrest that gives spine support. 

These few things will relieve muscle tension and back pain when used correctly.  We hope this article will help you choose the right gaming chair for back pain and support.

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