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Best Gaming Chairs For PS4

Whether you are a pro or not, everybody needs a good gaming chair, as it is extra comfortable during all those intensive long hours of gaming and takes care of your back. Here you can find some of the best gaming chairs that best fit your needs.
Whether you are a pro or not, everybody needs a good gaming chair, as it is extra comfortable during all those intensive long hours of gaming and takes care of your back. Here you can find some of the best gaming chairs that best fit your needs.

Choosing the ideal Gaming Chair for PS4 or any other console will guarantee that your one and only spine is looked after, and your comfortability is maintained through all the intense battle royal matches. Our frail human bodies are much more sensitive than you may believe, so why pay the high price for an extreme gaming PC setup just to overlook your health. So many Gaming chairs for xbox and other consoles these days appear a touch overdone, with bucket seats and devilish rune flaunting gaming chairs.  We’ve made care to include a few slick, office-style chairs to compensate for individuals who like the less showy. 

Whatever path you choose, keep your posture in consideration. It may not be at the top of this list as you go on a 10 hour long mission, but we recommend you don’t overlook ergonomics. While you could always choose a cheap gaming chair, why not treat your posterior to something a little more special.

To assist you avoid selecting an uncomfortable or worse chair, we’ve selected our favourites so you can discover one that meets both your needs and your budget. We’ve considered both comfort and pricing as a crucial factor but also giving importance to the Gaming Chairs quality, functionality, flexibility, and mobility. Taking all of this into consideration, here are our picks for the best gaming chairs for PS4.

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7 Best Gaming Chairs For PS4


Devoko Gaming Chair For PS4

One of the most budget-friendly and comfortable Gaming Chair for PS4 with all the basic features that a user looks for in a chair, whether it is style or its ergonomic features. It provides the users with a good racing style look and having good ergonomic features long with adjustability and great comfortability, support for long sessions.

Materials of The Chair

It is made out of faux leather, which provides good breathability and doesn’t get too comfortable in long-duration uses. This type of leather which is a polyurethane (PU), is a more affordable alternative to genuine leather, which tends to cost more; in essence, they both do the same thing, and you won’t notice the difference a lot, and this type of leather is much easier to clean as well and is strong and holds up nicely well over time. You will notice some difference with this chair if you compare it with other big brand higher-end chairs quality, such as the softness, character, and genuine leather feel. Still, these things are not a deal-breaker if your on a budget and want something good in your price range and not wanna spend too much on a chair.

The Comfortability And Its Angle Adjustment

The chair seat consists of a high-density foam that provides good comfortability to the users who use this for longer durations.

It also comes with a removable lumbar cushion, and its height can be adjusted by using the attachment straps. This lumbar cushion provides good support and ergonomic posture to the users lumbar part of the back, keeping it in a nice and good position. Still, the users can also just remove this any time they want if they don’t feel comfortable using this. The same goes for its neck support pillow, which is designed in a curvy way to support the user’s neck from side to side.

The users can adjust the chairs reclining angle from having an upright position to recline position of at least 120 degrees, and not only till here, but this chair also does more as it can go from an angle of 90 to 170 degrees. More information about its degree angles :

  • 170 degrees = For a good lying down position after putting in all those efforts on gaming or working, you deserve a little lying downtime to relax.
  • 110 degrees = This is a suitable position for relaxing or reading
  • 90 degrees = A good position for actively working out on your computer or console.


Furmax Gaming chair for ps4

The Furmax gaming chair is another great gaming chair for ps4 that resembles many features of the devoko and is not that pricey either. The brand is known for selling a lot of its furniture in this part of the market; these chairs are usually imported from a country where the production cost is cheap ( likely China) and then selling it in different countries where it is demanded and has high selling costs. These chairs’ quality is not up to the mark, and they don’t last long, but the main advantage of having them is that you can get them at low prices and the features that these provide arent bad either. Some of its features will be discussed below for you guys to be the judge of, and then you can decide.

This chair comes in few good attractive colours like blue/black or black/white, and a cool racing style look that will catch the eyes of many gamers and the people who want a good looking chair. Still, it doesn’t blend in very much with your environment because of its colours; then again, this is all up to the user’s decision.


It’s a highly versatile chair that can be a good fit for shorter people as well because of its low height setting that the users can adjust. It is capable of reaching height ranges starting at 18” up to 22” and higher.

It’s a great and comfortable fit for most of the users because of its height adjustment but not for the extreme end of the size. The users with big and tall features or shorter ones will have to look for some other chairs other than this one.

  • Weight of the chair = 52 pounds
  • Maximum weight that can be supported = 310 pounds
  • Width and depth of the chair = 20.9 and 19.7
  • Height range adjustment of the chair to floor = 15” to 18.7
  • Dimensions of the chair = 33.1” x 26” x 26.9”


It has all the basic ergonomic features as it uses pillows to provide the users with good ergonomic lumbar and head/neck support, and these are all adjustable for the users as they can decide where and how to use them.

The neck and head support are not up to the mark, but the lumbar support is good enough.

The height of the chair’s armrest is not ergonomically designed but can be adjusted accordingly, which gives a good enough sense of personalisation and experience.

The chair features a footrest that the users can use for lying down completely flat, and with the footrest, it gives you a better and a whole experience of resting. The footrest is well padded and is comfortable enough for all the users who just want to take a break from gaming or office work and just lie down and relax. 


DXRacer P series Gaming Chair

This is one of the best and a highly popular Gaming Chair for PS4 out there right now and offers its users great features and comfortability. It can be further customized with modular parts like a fully rotating arm which is attached and bolted into the base capable of holding anything like your phone or even laptops, these further customization will cost you extra bucks, though, and are not done for free. This does not mean the chair is not good without these add ons as the chair in itself is great and offers all the basic and even the luxury features that we can find on higher-end chairs. It comes with a great lumbar/head support, PVC leather, 2D armrests, and a metal frame, making it nice and sturdy.


Respawn Sidewinder Gaming Chair

Sidewinder is also a popular choice for users who want a good gaming chair with all the basic and essential features that should be there in a good gaming chair, and sidewinder does just that. Look wise, it’s not that stunning or flashy as those high-end gaming chairs, but that does not make this any lesser than them. In fact, it’s almost as comfortable as them. It has pretty good foam cushioning in its headrest and good lumbar support as well. The chairs height and even its armrest height can be adjusted according to the user’s needs. It’s capable of holding more than 275 pounds and will cost you less than 200$.


Nokaxus Gaming chair with Massage

The Nokaxus Gaming Chair is a great chair with built in massage function and can have extra customizable options aswell, which are upon the user to decide like you can add more padding to make it more palatable. Still, it is also a good chair on its own, and you don’t necessarily have to customize it because it is designed and is a little bit expensive; it will cost you around 210$.

The quality and features of the chair are good as well, and it has a lot of metallic parts to keep the chair strong and sturdy enough, along with an effective mechanism. There is a footrest so that you can rest easy and more comfortably, and it’s retractable.


Its lumbar massage feature on this chair is a good feature to have, especially for those users who have trouble sitting in one place for long periods. The lumbar support pillow on this chair is also a great addition to its basic ergonomics, which is positioned just right, giving the users extra support and comfort. It even vibrates that gives users an added massage function.

The armrest is well padded, so the user’s elbows are not left out when it comes to comfort. The chair’s adjustability comprises height adjustment for adjusting the chair’s height with a simple gas lift function and a nice tilting feature for the back of the chair. It can recline from 90 degrees to full 180 degrees, and you can also lock the tilting onto your desired position. It is capable of spinning 360 degrees as well should you need it if your gaming area or desk is bigger, allowing the users to have extra movement and space.


Specifications :

The chair comes in various colours that the users can choose from, some of which are red and black (for a more striking cool gaming look), black and white (for a more high contrast look), pink (which is softer and looks interesting), and it comes with plain black as well.

The leather quality of the chair is PU leather, which is comfortable enough for the users and provides good breathability.

Best Office Chairs Under 200

1. BTOD 100MC

The 100mc is one of the Best office chair under $200 that you can get in my opinion which you will not regret buying giving you the best bang for your buck as well. The chair provides good lumbar support to the users mid to upper back areas with its high mesh backrest; it’s not a very good or luxurious type backrest, but it provides good breathability helping the users keep their composure and cool while they work on it for long periods. It goes soft on your clothing and skin as well. 


Features : 

It features adjustable lumbar support as well, and the users can easily adjust the height of it according to their preference and giving them good support for their lower back. The chair’s mechanism is nice as well, considering the price range of the chair as it comes with five different lockable positions and a synchro-tilt mechanism capable of adjusting the tension. The chair’s backrest goes fully upright, and the reclining motion of the chair is also nice and smooth, making this chair a great option for users who like working in a straight-up position or down.


The height and width of the arms of the chairs are also adjustable, enabling them to have different typing positions which suit best for the users. The padding on the chair is also nice and has a good enough amount, but it is not that soft and is more firm. It will support the user for a long enough time, but it is not that cosy and comfortable like many other chairs. 

2. BOSS B7501

BOSSB7501 Office chair

The B7501 is a great choice that I would personally recommend using if your budget is around 200$ and you need a high-back leather chair. Although it does not have real leather, its leather plus will give you a look and feel of real genuine leather while also allowing the user with good upholstery and cleanability.


Features :

The chair features a 21” wide seat with a 30” high backrest and includes extra-thick cushions allowing the users to submerge into the chair. 

The top of the chair has a soft headrest which is nicely padded, and good lumbar support in a curved way, keeping the users in a good sitting position. The chair has twisted arms which are also well padded for extra comfort. The chairs feature dual wheels with a big 27”, 5-star base.


The chairs standard swivel tilt mechanism is also a nice addition to its features and includes tension adjustment with which you can lock the chair in a nice upright position. The users can change this feature and go for a Knee-tilt mechanism that moves the point of the pivot from under your seat to behind your knees, making the chair much easier to recline and adding to a more comfortable experience. The cost will still be under 200$ for this feature which is a relief.   


Giantex Ergonomic Office Chair

The Giantex office chair under $200 is also a great choice because of its high-quality frame, which is made up of metal, seat cushion which is extra thick providing good comfortability, excellent neck support that we usually find in more expensive chairs, lumbar support, all this for a reasonable price that won’t put a hole in your pocket.


Features :

The back of the chair has a ”S” design that sits firmly and nicely with the back of the users, giving them utmost comfortability and its lumbar support whose height and firmness can be adjusted according to the users’ preference. The chairs with good lumbar support are important for those users who have back issues, and by using these types of chairs, they will certainly face fewer issues and be able to relax more comfortably and work. Especially on hot days or summers, the chair’s backrest will be of good help because of its breathable mesh.


The chair’s headrest is also equally good and ergonomic, which can be angled to fit the shape of your neck perfectly and is height adjustable. With the headrest combined with the backrest, which can recline up to 135 degrees and is lockable, the users can easily work for a good amount of hours without feeling tired or feeling the need to get up every now. One of the problems some users face is its cushion is a little too firm, but overall, it is a nice chair considering its price and its features.

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