Best Gaming Chairs For PS5 in 2022

Best Gaming Chairs For PS5 in 2022

Check out these 10 best gaming chairs for ps5 and all the playstation consoles which are 100% compatible and will provide you with the best comfort and gaming experience.
Check out these 10 best gaming chairs for ps5 and all the playstation consoles which are 100% compatible and will provide you with the best comfort and gaming experience.

Finding the best gaming chairs for ps5 today can be a little complicated. With the gaming business expanding, it is increasingly difficult to track down a gaming chair that emanates quality and is not a cheap knock-off of a prominent brand. Unfortunately, many newcomers to the gaming world mistakenly believe that PS5 gaming chairs are unnecessary. In their own way, they might be correct. You can’t blame someone who doesn’t understand what they’re talking about. Most of them believe that gaming chairs are simply office chairs and that any chair will suffice for playing online games. Yes, any chair or stool will work for you, but not every chair or stool will be comfortable. Gaming chairs are now classified as a separate category. These are made with great care, taking into account the body contour.

For extended hours of action, a high-quality console chair is required. It should be able to support your body weight without causing any discomfort and should usually enhance your overall playing experience. So with these things in mind, we have researched and tested out these 10 best gaming chairs for ps5 and major consoles that will provide you the best comfort and enhance your gaming experience.

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10 Best Gaming Chairs For PS5

After due diligence and testing the chairs out, we have selected these 10 best gaming chairs for ps5 and major consoles that will suit your needs and keep you comfortable for long hours.

1) X Rocker Pro H3 - Floor Gaming Chair For PS5

X Rocker Pro H3 Floor gaming chair for back pain

The X Rocker Series H3 is one of the best gaming chair for ps5 that stays flat on the floor, unlike other traditional gaming chairs, and also helps keeps your back comfortable, avoiding back pains. For those who desire an immersive gaming experience, the X Rocker comes with a few features that you will like. To begin, it works with the majority of gaming consoles, including the PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox. It has four front-facing speakers with audio modulation technology and a powerful subwoofer, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in their games, music, or movies. The chair’s distinctive design sets it apart in terms of comfort and modern features.

This chair has everything you’ll need in 2022 to enjoy the finest gaming experience imaginable. It comes with a wifi connection and a subwoofer for an incredible in-game sound that will make your gaming experience even better. Few other intriguing elements are the leg support and vibration that occur for in-game effects. The chair’s design and features make it one of the best floor gaming chairs you can get that also helps in back pain and keeps you comfortable.

Things That We Liked

  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Effective in relieving lower back pain.
  • Ideal for console players.

Things That We Didn't

  • Non-adjustable armrests.
  • Not ideal for bigger people.

2) DXRacer Series Gaming Chair For PS5

DXRacer Series Gaming Chair For PS5

DXRacer is another excellent option if you’re looking for the best gaming chairs for PS5 and major consoles. It has a reclining backrest that can be adjusted between 90 and 135 degrees to allow you to sit upright or recline. The base swivels 360 degrees, allowing you to see every second of the series you’re watching while also being nice and comfortable. You may adjust the height, backrest angle, tilt rocking, and armrest height to further tailor this gaming chair’s fit. The chair is 19 x 18 x 51.5 inches and features a foam-filled backrest and an elastic leather seat. The extended backrest helps the user’s spine across its whole length, transferring weight evenly. That means less stress on your most important body component and a lesser chance of injury when sitting for extended periods.

The Racing Series has completely adjustable, three-dimensionally moving arms. This chair allows you to go up, down, left, right, in, or out, depending on your needs. This chair represents good value for money when all is said and done. Yes, it’s comfy, but it’s also meant to minimize the adverse effects of sitting all day. Its cost may appear high at first, but compared to a chiropractor’s cost, it is actually very reasonable, and we strongly recommend this gaming chair for ps5.

Things That We Liked

  • Good ergonomic head support.
  • Users can choose between several color options.
  • Tilt mechanism for fast and easy adjustment.

Things That We Didn't

  • Weight capacity of only 200 lbs.
  • The foam padding on it seems a little light.

3) RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair for PS5

RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair for PS5

The Respawn 110 is a highly recommended gaming chair for ps5 if you’re new in the gaming world and want a simple ergonomic and elegant chair without all the hassle. It’s also one of the top-selling gaming chairs on the internet. The brand RESPAWN rose to prominence by creating gaming technology that adequately meets the demands of players. This particular imitation leather chair is well-known for its coziness. The same seat design is available in a variety of colors and can be modified. One of the best advantages of this chair is the ability to modify its reclining degrees and height to meet your specific demands. The chair is rather large and hefty, but its comfort compensates for it. You may also change the armrests and modify the tilt between 90 and 155 degrees.

The design is reminiscent of GTR racing seats. It’s solid and well-made, offering a lot of fun. The RSP 110 has a sculpted backrest that embraces their body whenever users take a seat. Additionally, a detachable footrest is also included, allowing for extra comfort. If you enjoy console gaming and chilling on your chair, you’ll love this gaming chair for PS5.

Things That We Liked

  • The race car design of this chair makes it attractive.
  • Guaranteed for life.
  • Highly durable and provides incredible comfort.

Things That We Didn't

  • There are no manual lumbar controls.
  • It’s rather large and hefty.

4) Homall Recliner Gaming Chair For PS5

The Homall Gaming Chair For PS5 is a popular Recliner chair that most people nowadays prefer as they tend to improve their convenience and efficiency. The Homall Gaming Recliner provides good versatility as a recliner armchair while staying within your budget. You’ll feel like you’re lying in a cocoon with this reclining chair. Its padding makes it one of the most ergonomic gaming chairs on the market, with a superb armrest. It features good lumbar support to keep your body stable throughout long gaming sessions. The same can be said about its skillfully crafted headrest, which provides a pleasurable experience. The Homall Gaming Recliner also has an additional side pouch, which is a nice feature. It’s roomy and provides some extra space for your gaming accessories.

The padding’s high-density cushion helps keep the chair structured and less prone to distortion due to weight. Regrettably, we found that there is no method to alter the armrests on this model unless you decide to remove them altogether. This isn’t a significant problem, but it might be annoying if you consider them too limiting. Nevertheless, the entire product is incredibly durable and can hold up to 300 pounds, making it an excellent gaming chair for ps5 and other consoles.

Things That We Liked

  • Faux leather is used making it nice and comfy.
  • Highly convenient and multifunctional gaming chair.
  • Highly durable and good build quality.

Things That We Didn't

  • Its leather can become prone to deterioration.
  • Extremely bulky.

5) AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair For PS5

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

The AKRacing Masters Series gaming chair for PS5 is one of the best gaming chairs for larger and taller individuals. The chair is constructed of warmer foam cushioning wrapped in imitation leather, with a steel top base and an aluminum bottom base. It’s well-padded, especially around the seat and lower back. The sides of the back appear to be substantially cushioned as well, with no obvious holes. The headset is less densely cushioned, but it still offers adequate support and works nicely with the provided cushion.The Masters Series Max’s construction integrity is robust for an XL-sized gaming chair. It can handle up to 400 pounds thanks to an additional heavy-duty gas elevation and a high-tensile metal frame. It fulfills and surpasses ANSI and BIFMA specifications and arrives with a manufacturing guarantee of at least five years.

The AKRacing Masters Series gaming chair for ps5 seat will not disappoint you in terms of convenience due to its top-tier fabric, which is quite pleasant to feel. It would have been better if the armrests were padded; nonetheless, the chair is composed of Automotive Grade PU leather and comes in five different color options even without the additional cushioning. Its cold-curved cushioning is particularly noteworthy. It makes the seat relatively comfortable to sit in and includes two air vents right beneath the headrest that help with ventilation.

Things That We Liked

  • Backrest and lower back assistance pads are included.
  • Armrests can be adjusted in four directions.
  • Highest maximum capacity is 400 pounds.

Things That We Didn't

  • Armrests have no cushioning.
  • Not suitable for smaller people

6) Brazen Serpent Gaming Chair For PS5

The Brazen’s Serpent gaming chair for ps5 is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable chairs available on the market currently. It has excellent functionality, fantastic audio, and customization possibilities, backed by solid build quality and structure. The chair is straightforward to carry, with the backrest bending over into the chair after a basic building procedure that entails joining the armrests and the foundation. The colors available with this chair encompass a wide variety of preferences, from a relatively modest ‘looks at home in the home’ strategy to highly vibrant combinations for individuals who desire their gameplay gear to make a statement. It makes an excellent attempt to make you feel comfortable in most situations. The convenience and sound double whammy make up for a terrific combo for a PlayStation-designed gaming chair.

Few problems you might face include having to be entirely connected to the media ports rather than using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and maybe wanting for a little more customization and adjustability, but it’s an acceptable compromise regarding its price and other features. Overall it’s a nice-looking designed gaming chair for ps5 with a few color variations to match and can comfortably fit into a gameplay room or a multi-purpose family room or lounge. 

Things That We Liked

  • Highly convenient.
  • Excellent in-built audio.
  • Solid construction.
  • Design is neat and attractive.

Things That We Didn't

  • Wireless is not an option.
  • Chair customization is limited.

7) GTRacing Gaming Chair For PS5

GTracing Gaming Chair For PS5

The GT racing gaming chair for ps5 is made of carbon fiber and leatherette, making it an excellent chair since the use of carbon fiber in gaming chairs is one of the best solutions for chairs used heavily in summers and regions where the environment is a bit warmer As a result, you can use it any time of year without worrying about the problems most chairs tend to have when it’s hot outside. The chair’s shape and style are also excellent, and it is not an empty chair in which you will feel compelled to fall. From all four corners, it will hold you like a baby. Despite its stiff racing chair appearance, the ergonomic design makes it an excellent choice for individuals who wish to participate in online competitions.

It also has gas cylinders for accurate height adjustment. Most users tend to think that gaming seats cannot sustain their weight for more extended periods, making the height adjustment feature useless. But with this chair, you can use it for anything, and height isn’t an issue either. The seat height is adjustable, and the armrests can also be adjusted to suit your needs. To sum it up, if you have the appropriate body size, it is a highly comfortable and a pleasant chair to sit on. Of course, the chair has flaws, but in comparison to other low-cost gaming chairs for ps5, it’s an excellent option.

Things That We Liked

  • Good head and lumbar support.
  • Different color options available.
  • Highly durable and easy to clean.
  • Ergonomic padded design.

Things That We Didn't

  • Only 180 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Few users have complained about squeaky noises from the chair.

8) Corsair WW T1 Gaming Chair For PS5

Corsair WW T1 Gaming Chair For PS5

The Corsair WW T1 Gaming Chair For PS5 is a nice chair that comes with a sophisticated leatherette cushion and a deep black robust steel framework. The frame is slim and fashionable, yet it’s also sufficient to support your body composition. You may alter the height according to your needs using the height adjustment mechanism. The chair glides well and is simple to use. Furthermore, if you want it to remain fixed in a particular position or place, the wheels will stay robust and fixed. More friction equals fewer potential mistakes. The chair can tilt to approximately 180 degrees for optimal relaxation and back movement. You may also adjust the elevation of the armrests to your preference. Furthermore, the armrest may swivel to different extents. This is useful for particular arm motions required for specific games.

It only takes one glance at the T1 Race gaming chair to realize that the racing theme runs throughout the entire creative inspiration. The seated and shoulder area coverings feature a diamond-stitched arrangement and a feeling similar to automotive seat coverings. The armrests are four-dimensional and include three controls. You can change the slope and vertical-horizontal location of the arms and relocate them to the forefront or rear. Overall, it’s an OK gaming chair for ps5 and will keep you comfortable for long hours.

Things That We Liked

  • Height is easily adjustable.
  • Highly comfortable and looks attractive.

Things That We Didn't

  • The leather begins to tear away.
  • Wheel bearings quality is not good.

9) Noblechairs Epic Series Real Leather Gaming Chair For PS5

Noblechairs Epic Series Real Leather Gaming Chair

The Noble Epic series gaming chair for ps5 combines exquisite leather, best-in-class craftsmanship, and a timeless design inspired by high-end sports car seating. Along with a few other features, it’s a great choice if you want a good gaming chair on a budget. This leather-clad beauty is simple to assemble and has high-density cold mattress padding for optimal relaxation. It’s also highly durable, so it will last a lot longer and, its is one of the largest gaming chairs on our list, so it is not suitable for smaller individuals if you have a tiny room. One of the features that we liked is its many loving touches that add to the seats’ beauty, such as the debussed insignia that roundels the headrest over an oval aluminum symbol with flat text that graces the backrest. The touch area’s ventilated quality leather covering has an attractive organic ground roughness and is embellished with a lovely diamond pattern embroidery.

The noble chairs genuine leather gamer chair in all-black has black joints, a black trademark spot with golden stitching, and easy-to-clean black material that is elegantly bordered by black bars. The noble chairs EPIC line is unquestionably the peak in gaming chair for ps5 with a long list of impressive characteristics.

Things That We Liked

  • Excellent design and durability.
  • Extremely relaxing.
  • There are several adjustments available.

Things That We Didn't

  • Instructions are a little unclear which makes its assembly a little harder.
  • Expensive

10) Brazen Stag 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair For PS5

The Brazen Stag is a great gaming chair for ps5 with the bonus of providing surround sound,’ which will appeal to all enthusiasts of gaming chairs with audio. However, we found it simple to differentiate between the music flowing from the left and right microphones upfront and a louder sound in the back, which might sound a little weird for some people. However, you’ll be linked to your device because the chair needs a 3.5mm headphone connector or red/white audio hookups to function correctly. Although this chair won’t give you the best audio quality, there are two simple levers on the outside to regulate intensity and sound levels which might help a little. We liked how near the stereo audio was and how powerful the bass was, which is a big plus. The chair isn’t particularly tall, and many people would struggle to battle the headrest, which will most certainly jab your spine or neck. If you’re less than 5 feet 5 inches tall, you could find it extra comfortable, especially for kids and young teenagers.

With some big logos painted on the outside surrounding the lighter grey/black supporting patches, it looks arrogant. It’s not meant to blend in with your surroundings, and it’s not the bright colors and aggressive design that you’d expect to encounter on Twitch. If you genuinely want to conceal the patterns, you can pull them back when not using them. Overall it’s a good gaming chair for ps5 that will keep you comfy for a long time.

Things That We Liked

  • Good in-build audio quality.
  • Crafted with breathable material.
  • There are several designs available which you can choose from.

Things That We Didn't

  • Not suitable and a little small for adults.


A good gaming chair for ps5 is more important than most of us realize because you would be spending a lot of time on it, and a simple office or home chair won’t suffice. We prefer to invest a lot of money on items like graphics cards and other technical peripherals. Still, only a handful of enthusiasts understand the importance of an ergonomically designed seat. So keeping your safety and comfortability in mind, we have made this list, and we hope it will help you make an informed decision and get your money’s worth.

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