Gaming Headset Under 100

Best Gaming Headset under $100

Some of the best gaming headset under $100 which are really popular among the gamers and even the top pros who play and compete at professional levels. These Gaming Headsets are sure to satisfy your audio needs and be comfortable for long usage aswell.
Some of the best gaming headset under $100 which are really popular among the gamers and even the top pros who play and compete at professional levels. These Gaming Headsets are sure to satisfy your audio needs and be comfortable for long usage aswell.

Nowadays, everyone believes that they must pay a premium price for a good gaming headset, but this is not always the case, and most Gaming headsets under $100 are nowadays packed with features that will meet all of your needs. You must be cautious and on the lookout for good sound quality and comfort, especially if you play for long periods of time every day. If you play multiplayer games, having a good microphone can help you to interact better with your friends and teammates online. A  good pair of gaming headset should also be able to accurately pinpoint objects such as footsteps, which is especially important in battle royale games where there is just too much sweat.

There are numerous Gaming Headsets under $100 on the market right now, but we’ve compiled a list of our 7 favourite Headsets to help you decide what’s best for you.

Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets Under $100

All our chosen Gaming headsets under $100 are carefully reviewed and tested before selecting and the procedure to select them involves testing them in severe conditions to check how they hold up, and their quality is also tested. 

1. LOGITECH G PRO X - Best Pick for Gaming Headsets under 100

Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset

Logitech headsets are currently one of the best gaming headsets under $100 that are also wired on the market right now. As these are comfortable, you can easily wear them during your long-hour gaming sessions without having the need to remove them every now and then. A punchy yet perfectly balanced sound profile makes them able to deliver the audio in the most suitable way and has a great microphone attached as well, which isolates your audio perfectly from all the background noises making it great for audio recording. You can further customize them according to your audio type by using its Logitech G Hub software, which also includes the Blue Voice technology specially made for their boom microphones. This a great feature for aspiring streamers who want to tweak their audio in-depth and make it better.


The G Pro X Gaming headsets are sturdily built headset having a metal frame, and its headbands have thick cushions on it making them pretty straightforward and comfortable; great balance between its tension and comfort level makes it just right to wear so you won’t feel the need to move and keep adjusting its position as its hinges that connect to the headphone offer a great more room for adjustment and thanks to this it adjusts to most of the users head shapes. These come with extra velour pads making the seal perfectly complete for the gamers who wear glasses to be able to feel more comfortable while using this. Its cord comes with a mute option for its mic and a volume dial; its plastic cord is used with a smartphone and has a single button used to playing and pausing the audio. All these features make the G Pro X a great gaming headset that is also under $100. More features like surround sound and its mic settings can be adjusted in the G hub app.


The app does all the basic things you would expect it to do, like changing the headphones Equalizer, enable surround sound but goes even further. Using this app, you can increase or adjust the volume of surround sound, which makes different speakers in its virtual 7.1 setups to have more volume and be louder than others. That is, you can increase the sound that is coming from behind you, which can give you a great advantage over other players, especially in games like Fortnite and COD. These gaming headsets under 100 come with blue voice software, you can make your own options like noise reduction, compressor, decompressor, high pass filter, and expander. For me, these features are so big and give this an edge over most other headsets in terms of call quality and its audio. 

2. STEELSERIES HEADSET FOR PS4 - Most popular Gaming Headsets under 100

SteelSeries Pro Gaming Headset

The Steelseries Pro is a top-tier gaming headset from the brand Steelseries, and it’s one of the first Gaming Headset under $100 to be certified for Hi-Res audio. It’s suitable for both PC and PS4, especially for users who like to customize their experience with extra hardware accessories rather than using complicated and unmanageable software. The Arctis 7, which was released before has been a lot of the user’s favourite for quite some time now, and they both have a few identical features and designs, but this offers more and is a more advanced version of it. The pro comes with a lot more connectivity options as it supports Bluetooth and a base that acts as a wireless transmitter and a charging station. Its microphone quality has been improved overall also. The price, however, is a dealbreaker for those who don’t want a pricey headset. In contrast, the Arctis 7 is a little cheaper; for the user who does not care much for swapping batteries design and don’t need Bluetooth should go for the Arctis 7 as that will be the better choice considering the price.


The SteelSeries Pro is a comfortable and sturdy gaming headset having a suspension band that’s elastic and feels much similar to a pair of ski goggles and an aluminium frame. Nowadays, many headsets have fixed suspension bands that require no adjustment, but in this, you can set the tightness of the headset using a velcro patch. You can easily set the tightness according to your perfect fit and never have to worry about it again. Its pads are made out of airweave fabric ( To get a better of what that is, think of it as somewhere between leather and velour), which are much more comfortable and flexible than leather but slightly stiffer than velour. 

People who wear glasses might have some problems wearing it, but they can be adjusted, other than this, you will not encounter any issues wearing them, and they will remain comfortable for long periods. The left part of the headset offers a retractable mic that is 4 inches long, featuring a mute button, 3.5 mm jack, volume dial, and a port in which the cord goes and connects to the DAC. You can connect this DAC to a PC or a PS4 using its optical cord and even to phones using its audio jack. It has LED lights that ring when connected, and a bright light shines from the mic when it’s muted.

3. ASTRO GAMING A50 WIRELESS - Premium Gaming Headsets under 300

Astro A50 Gaming Headset

The Astro A50 wireless is a top-notch premium quality Gaming headset capable of delivering you the best sound quality you would expect to hear from a premium headset; it has few similarities with its previous generation 3 headset. Still, it comes with few extra features and more details like better battery performance which is surely gonna last a lot more hours, and you don’t need to charge it that often and a more compact base station. The Astro performs well in terms of its audio quality and overall performance compared to other headsets in the same category. The A50, when compared to turtle beach stealth 700 Gen 2 wireless, are considerably better; they are much comfier and have good consistency in delivering the audio sound profiles and a better mic boom and longer-lasting battery as well. These are Bluetooth compatible as well, allowing the users to stream music or chat with friends on the phone and still stay connected to their pc or console at the same time. 

The Astro A50 are better than the Steelseiries arctic 9x wireless in terms of their designs, as the A50 has a more ergonomic headband design and has much more consistency in delivering the audio. A better and full-featured charging dock makes it all the while better. However, the Steelseries connect more easily to the Xbox and charge faster and lasts longer than the A50.

When comparing with the SteelSeries arctic pro, they lack a few things, and the pro beats the A50 in certain areas like the pro can be used as wired as well, making them much more versatile; the SteelSeries dock can store extra batteries for the headset while the other is used in the headset. But the A50’s sound quality is a bit better as it is better balanced and much more comfortable to use, which some users might prefer more.


The A50 offers a great Dolby surround sound for both the console and pc, which makes games like Doom, Fortnite, Overwatch a lot of fun to play, and it distinguishes the audio sources well from each other so you can exactly tell what is what. These gaming headsets transmits audio at very low latency and is highly comfortable enough to wear for longer periods of time, thanks to its velour pads. The mics boom does a great job at recording audio and isolating the user’s voice from all the background noises.

Its onboard controls include channel mixing, volume adjustment, enabling or disabling the virtual surround sound feature, EQ preset cycling. The A50 Gaming headset comes with companion software as well, featuring a plethora of configuration options. The A50 ear cups are made from solid plastic and are quite dense, which in my opinion, will be able to take a few beatings from the users who rage a lot and like to throw stuff into Narnia. Obviously not a proper beating, but you know they could sure handle few accidental drops. Their hinges are sturdy enough as they are made out of metal, but their weakest part, in my opinion, is the headband, so yea be careful with that.

4. HYPERX CLOUD ALPHA - Best Quality Gaming Headsets under 100

Hyper X Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is one of the best hyperx gaming headset under $100 that offers gamers a well-balanced sound profile and does look a lot similar to the HyperX Cloud 2 and is just as much comfortable because of its well-padded ear cups and a flexible headband that is just as much comfortable and isn’t tight for the head. However, they are quite prone to bad positioning, fit and seal and therefore, the users can experience their sound reproduction differently, especially for the users who wear glasses. I personally love HyperX, and while using the alpha, I certainly felt good and had a great experience overall; these are wired headsets making them easy to use for consoles as you can just connect them to the aux port and start using them. It comes with a detachable microphone that has good recording quality and does an excellent job of separating your voice from background noises. Although these don’t block every and all the background noises, and if you are using these when you are on a bus or an office, you might not get the desired results and peace. 

You can wear them for long gaming sessions as well and will not have any problems. Still, they lack the ability to add extra customizable options available in many of the high-end gaming headset we have reviewed. Comparing them with the HyperX cloud flight and Cloud 2, they are more comfortable because of their larger ear cups and a well-padded headband, making them feel lighter and less tight, which is a bonus for users with larger heads.


The headset’s design feels really good when used; its band and forks are made using solid metal, and all of the headsets movable parts are safe and protected by thick padding. The earcups of these gaming headsets are made of thick plastic, which uses pads that are also thick enough to be able to seal your head perfectly, giving you enough durability and comfort. The removable mic and the cable are an added bonus so in case if you ever damage it these can be easily replaced without having the need to buy the whole headset. It provides the users with a good seal which is really important for when you move or slide your head suddenly as the tryhard instinct kicks in, the headset will stay put on the same position and won’t jostle around too much. Along the cable, you will find a remote which has some buttons and uses such as a volume control wheel and a microphone mute on/off switch, which in my opinion is a really good way for saving you some embarrassment and avoid your teammates on the other end to listen in on your private stuff. In-game, your sound quality is also really nice as the microphone is specially tailored for voice chat demands. 

5. RAZER NARI WIRELESS Gaming Headsets

Razer Nari Gaming Headset

The company Razer mainly focuses on making the user’s gaming experience better and taking it to the next level. They certainly did that with the Nari ultimate gaming headset by using specialized drivers which are present in each earcup that vibrates and provides haptic feedback along with bass, making it a unique gaming headset that is under $100 and playing single-player and multiplayer games with it are immersive and enjoyable. I mean, it’s something that every gamer out there will like, and you just gotta have to try it out for yourself. Although these headsets are not for regular use, which can be a bummer for many people as their vibrating features get annoying at some points in time. These can be used wirelessly and wired as well with your PS4, PS5 or PC with the help of its USB receiver, which you can just put in your console or pc and just connect and start using it or by simply just using its TRRS cable to connect directly into your console controller or PC. They have a lot of customizable options as well because of its Razer Synapse app, some of which include adjusting the level of haptic feedback, setting the chroma lightings, the audio sound profiles of the headset can also be customized with a graphic equalizer, one downside is that to be able to use all these features you need to register and sign up in the app.


As I said, it only sounds good if you use it for gaming purposes; otherwise, the bass and its haptic will ruin normal songs in some cases, its really fun, like when you listen to some of the Jazz songs with it. Sometimes it lacks in giving our the clarity of the audio, which can be weird as you are getting these headsets for the purpose of commuting with others and playing games alongside. It starts to de-emphasize the audio sound profile somewhere around 250 to 300Hz, which affects the mids and highs and can cause the users not to hear subtler sounds like footsteps and the explosions going around it. This headset is base heavy, and the users who dig heavy bass will love it. The rest of the audio is also quite well balanced.

 The sound isolation done by these gaming headset are also not bad and will keep all the home background noises at bay away from you but not if your office or travelling as these do not have active noise cancellation, and you might feel a disturbance in those areas. The headset controls are kind of a letdown for me, as I expected a little more. It has physical buttons and wheels on each earcup. Its mic and power buttons are relatively small and can be difficult to locate at first. However, the channel mixing and the volume dials are fairly easy to use and highly responsive. 

The breathability of this headset is not very good and can make your ears warm after constant use because of their thick pads, which gives very little airflow, and they fit tightly over your head. These are made from high and good quality plastic and a metal headband frame, which makes them a good solid headset


Selecting a good gaming headset is not an easy task as it requires the users to test out different products and to know which feels better for them. We have tested these thoroughly to give you a quick feel as to how they are and how they perform so that you can make the right decision. We hope this article will help you in your quest to find the best gaming headset. 

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