Best Japanese Keycaps in 2022

Best Japanese Keycaps in 2022- Detailed Review

Find out about the Best Japanese Keycaps in 2022 that are sure to amaze and assist you with all your keycap needs. You can see the detailed review of each product and choose the one that best fits your need.
Find out about the Best Japanese Keycaps in 2022 that are sure to amaze and assist you with all your keycap needs. You can see the detailed review of each product and choose the one that best fits your need.

Japanese keycaps are a great choice for individuals seeking a unique style; what makes these keycaps pretty attractive is that they have kanji (a system of Japanese writings) carved on their surfaces, which is a type of art that appears to be extremely beautiful. Carvings of Kanji characters on the face of these keycaps creates a nice effect and a deep Japanese ambiance. You may obtain a visually beautiful and distinctive keyboard if you use Japanese ergonomic keyboards. There are many distinct kinds of Japanese keycaps in the marketplace. They come in various substances and have different variety of keyboard configurations. Rather than English characters, these keycaps have Japanese characters etched inside. They not only make typing in Japanese easier, but they simply give the keyboard an attractive look. 

Although the japanese keycaps are famous so they are fairly costly. It’s critical to pick the proper one for your keyboard. It would help if you discovered a combination that meets your requirements as well as your cash. Luckily, you can find many that will be in your budget in this article.These keycaps are a good option for people looking to get a mechanical gaming keyboard as they come in a variety of bespoke layouts and can assist you in customizing and building your keypad and many other things. So, let’s check out some of the best Japanese keycaps of 2022.

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10 Best Japanese Keycaps :

Let us begin with these 10 best Japanese Keycaps that are available on the market right now, which we will recommend based on our procedure, and we have chosen a combination of product pricing ranges that should not exceed your budget.

1. GMK Umbra Hiragana and Red Samurai - Most Popular Japanese Keycaps

GMK Umbra Hiragana and Red Samurai​ Japanese keycaps
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One of the best Japanese keycaps available right now is the GMK Umbra Hiragana. This is a fancy keycap collection from GMK that has received much attention on many forums. How could it not? The aesthetic of this keycap combination is quite appealing, particularly with the kanji etching on the keycaps’ surfaces, which makes this keycap incredibly popular. The GMK Umbra Hiragana keycap pair, like most other GMK keycap settings noted for their exceptional craftsmanship and longevity, is composed of strong and sturdy ABS plastic. This has colorful cherries character keycap that can be used for gameplay or writing.

If you’re looking for a Japanese keycap set with a unique look, GMK Umbra Hiragana is a good option to consider. The only thing that might upset some users might be the cost of this keycap, which is somewhat high. This keycap set comes in a stunning red, black, and gold color scheme to represent a Japanese Armor set. The legends are written in English and set in a Japanese setting to facilitate translation. The GMK Red Samurai is composed of a thick ABS acrylic keycap design, which allows for vivid and vibrant colors while still being robust and producing a loud sound when pressed. This is among one of the best custom keycap combinations on the market right now.


  • It can withstand up to 10 million keystrokes over its lifetime.
  • It feels lovely in your hands.
  • This keyboard requires less force, allowing you to complete tasks smoothly and in less time.


  • The cost is a little high.
  • The keystrokes occasionally create unwanted sounds.

2. Akko World Tour Tokyo R2 Japanese Keycaps Set

Akko World Tour Tokyo R2 Japanese Keycaps Set​

Sitting among the list of best Japanese keycaps is the famous Akko World Tour Tokyo R2. It combines popular Japanese culture and components onto a single keyboard. Iconic sights, Japanese pets, and national symbols all appear on the set. Every key is embellished with a different color design. It comes with a set of 185 keys that you may use to personalize it however you want. You can simply personalize any sort of keyboard with these keycaps. The 185 keys have a Cherry Design and are compatible with all keyboards. It works with keyboards that have 61 keys, 65 keys, 84 keys, 64 keys, 87 keys, 100 keys, 98 keys, and 108 keys. These keycaps are incredibly adaptable, allowing you to create any sort of keyboard combination with ease.

These Japanese keycaps have a basic yet functional design. They’re all built with a comfortable height in mind. The arrangement of the keys is designed to make the user’s experience better. Its uniform form makes it simple to browse and allows for comfortable typing. It works with a variety of keyboards and may be used in both corporate and personal settings.


  • The keyboard looks stunning with the Tokyo keycap design.
  • Modification is simple.
  • Versatile and adaptable to various keyboard sizes.
  • Strong and long-lasting.
  • The English version is also provided.
  • Designed to work with MX structural switches.


  • There are no Japanese letters.
  • There are no colour options available to choose from.

3. Tokey Keys Set XDA Profile Custom Japanese Keycaps

Tokey Keys Set XDA Profile Custom Japanese Keycap​s

The Tokeys key set are another great Japanese keycaps that comes with an ANSI layout. It works with ANSI mechanical keyboards that have 61, 64, 68, 71, 78, 84, 87, 96, 98, 104, and 108 keys. Anti-grease PBT substance is used to make these keycaps making these keys more resistant to abrasion and heat than ABS keys. The typefaces are legible and do not fade, making them a suitable present for a keyboard designer. Tokey Keys Set has an XDA profile that includes 104 keys plus 12 supplementary keys and 23 additional keys. With these alphanumeric keys, you will receive a total of 139 keys. These keycaps include Shiba Inu symbols and are available in both Japanese and English fonts. This product’s XDA profile is pretty extensive.

The Shiba Inu with Japanese symbols present on these keycaps is a favorite option for admirers of the Japanese-language styled keyboards. The Tokey Keys Set is a mechanical keyboard that may be used to create a customised bespoke Japanese keycaps set for any ANSI-format keyboard. Because the Tokey Keys require no special installation, they may be used with virtually any keyboard.


  • Compatible with all the ANSI layout keyboards.
  • Anti-grease PBT substance is used making the keycap more resistant.
  • Theme based on the famous Shiba Inu dog breed (definately makes this a pro).
  • Holistic layout.


  • Poorly constructed.
  • Some complains about noise.

4. Drop + Redsuns GMK Red Samurai Japanese Keycaps Set

Drop and Redsuns GMK Red Samurai Japanese Keycaps​

The Drop + Redsuns GMK RED SAMURAI Japanese Keycaps Pair is a comprehensive keypad with a vibrant red color scheme with golden elements. The style is based on the historical Japanese commander Ii Naomasa, who was instrumental in developing the Warrior system and is famous for storming into combat in bright red armor. These keycaps are compliant with Cherry MX switches and are ideal for any sporting keypad. For any keypad style, it’s one of the best Japanese keycap sets available. This set includes 113 keycaps and is designed to work for a typical full-size keyboard. CTRL (TKL), SHIFT (Full 1800), ALT (65 percent), Preonic, and Planck (Ortho) keyboards are all compatible. It comes in three colors: black, golden, and red. The business that creates GMK and Preonic keycaps has also created this set.

Cherry MX switching is functional with these keycaps. The keycaps are straightforward to replace and composed of high-quality components. Both normal and non-standard keycaps are interoperable with the GMK Red Samurai. The GMK Red Samurai full-size keyboard keycap set is of exceptional workmanship and the keycaps are designed to seem like a powerful warrior’s armor. This set of dropping modifier keys works with practically any full-size keyboard. The color scheme is eye-catching, and the keycaps are of excellent design, making it one of the best Japanese keycaps out there.


  • The colour scheme is reminiscent of Japanese samurai armours.
  • Double shot ABS material is thick and sturdy.
  • There are 113 keys included.
  • Cherry MX switches are supported.


  • Relatively costly.

5. YUNZII Milk Japanese Keycaps Set

YUNZII Milk Japanese Keycaps

The YUNZII Milk Keycap Pair is a cherry-shaped Japanese keycaps collection with a nice charming color arrangement, and kanji etched on these that makes them highly pleasing to the eye. This high-grade keycap set is constructed of thick, robust PBT plastic with exceptional construction quality and longevity. 140 keycaps with kanji inscribed on the top are accessible in milky white, cream blue, and milky pink color variants. This keycaps set includes both conventional and non-standard gaming keyboard dimensions, allowing it to be utilized on a wide range of mechanical keypad dimensions and configurations. This is among the most affordable cherry profile keycap combinations available today. So, If you’re looking for a high-quality Japanese keycap set at a low price, the YUNZII Milk Keycap Set is a great option to explore. It is available on Amazon for a relatively reasonable price. 

The YUNZII KC84S Milk Honey has a Bluetooth 5.0 connection and a built-in 2700mAh recharging battery which will operate up to 124 hours in wireless mode. The KC84S uses high-quality PBT dye-sublimation technologies to offer an attractive color design and a pleasurable writing session. The keycap is more durable when used for longer sessions and is anti-fade, oil-resistant, and color-fast. Compared to a standard full-size keyboard, the KC84S’s tiny 75 percent layout is exceptionally accessible and ergonomic, with no tiredness after lengthy periods of use and undisputed 100% perfect anti-ghosting.


  • YUNZI’s 75 per cent layout is designed to be comfortable.
  • It has stems that have been pre-clipped and freshened, as well as foam over the base and the stems.
  • The KC84S’s Bluetooth connectivity has been enhanced to give a more reliable and faster WiFi technology.


  • Has few errors like Bluetooth sometimes stops working.

6. Geeksocial Japanese Keycaps

Geeksocial Japanese Keycaps​

The Geeksocial is one of the most highly used Japanese Keycaps in Mechanical Gaming Keyboards. The features supplied by Geeksocial at this pricing are almost unbelievable. When you evaluate these keycaps, you’ll notice that none of them come close to matching the grade that is offered by these. They have set a benchmark for functionality and efficiency as one of the best Japanese Keycaps on the market. The OEM profile of this alphanumeric key set is somewhat higher than the Cherries standard. The tale is dye reduction, which is fade-resistant, and it is made of elevated quality oil-resistant PBT substance. Certain keycaps, particularly the spacebar and ESC keycaps, have dye-sub on all five sides. The keycaps are tough, having sides that are 1.31.6mm high. Such keycaps fit an ANSI design and 60 percent MX mechanical keypad having a spacing of 6.25u or 11.7cm. They’re also compatible with keyboards like the RK61 series, IKBC poker series, GANSS ALT61 series, Anne PRO, GH60, Equinix f60, GK64 GK61, etc.

This Japanese Keycap set includes 7273 keycaps, as well as replacements. A free keycap puller is included in the bundle. It’s a lot of fun to make your own beautiful mechanical gaming keyboard. Chinese Ink Nature Art, Antarctic Glacial Penguins, Supercar, Love Flowers, Delicate Girl, Sea Dolphin & Whale, Chinese Love Story, and Purple Tang Period are among the eight themes featured in this keycap collection. Each subject is a stand-alone tale with its own tone, inspiring people to be creative.


  • Budget friendly.
  • It has a lustrous sheen and a silky feel to it.
  • Typing and keystrokes make almost no noise/sounds.


  • Not long-lasting.
  • Over time, it develops a greasy sensation.

7. MOLGRIA Botanical Japanese Keycaps

MOLGRIA Botanical Japanese Keycaps​

MOLGRIA Botanical Keycaps are a set of 137 matte-finish PBT keycaps with a Cherry shape. They have a 6.25u keyboard and are suitable with conventional keyboards. The anti-sweat surface and substantial fingertip slots on all caps make writing extremely pleasant. The 137 sets are available individually and are compatible with the majority of 87/61/60-keyboards. The colors white, blue, and black are used in this keycap set. It features an XDA consistent profile and is compatible with MX-style stems. It’s made of 1.4mm PBT, which resists bending and has dye-sublimated inscriptions. These Japanese Keycaps are not only attractive, but they are also a good alternative for gamers. The keycaps are composed of PBT thermoplastic, which is thick and suppresses sound. The OEM design has a larger contact area and emphasizes both Japanese and English letters. The keys have a gritty feel and texture to help you improve your writing skills.

These Japanese keycaps are covered with botanical patterns, giving the keyboard a lovely appearance. This keypad comes with 137 keys, plus 33 replaceable supplemental keys. Some users have complained about the spacebar’s bottom never appearing at a level. Additionally, the caps may be seen through at night, making them appear low-quality. Some folks suggested lowering the intensity on GMMK Pro as the only answer to this problem. You’d think that for the price, a keycap combination would be made with higher-quality components to prevent light from seeping through but still, it’s one of the better keycaps out in the market right now.


  • Made from PTB so these keycaps are generally long-lasting.
  • 33 replacement keys are included in the set of 137 keycaps.
  • The surface is rough and anti-grease.
  • Both Japanese and English fonts are available.


  • HHKB Corsair and Logitech keyboards are not consistent or suitable with these keycaps.

8. SDYZ Store Custom PBT Japanese Keycaps

SDYZ Store Custom PBT Japanese Keycaps​

The SDYZ Keyboard configuration is one of the best Japanese Keycaps on the market that comes with a good set of XDA standard keycaps. These cups are constructed of strong PBT plastic and come in a variety of styles. The keycaps are made better and more attractive by the animated figures on them and are one of the most cost-effective keycaps that are available on the market. The traditional Taoist literary signs are said to have the ability to cleanse the spirit and enhance the world,  So any keypad style can be transformed into Taoist heaven with these unique keycaps if you truly believe. There are 104 keys in all, including five modifiers keys. The SDYZ Taoism set is a good purchase because it is suitable with TKL and 100 percent keyboards. PBT keycaps are composed of high-quality thermoplastic and feature strong walls for vigorous gameplay.

These Japanese keycaps have a great reputation and historical indicators. It works well with all mechanical keyboards that are 100 percent, TKL, 65 percent, and 60 percent. They offer a wide surface area and an anatomical shape to make typing more comfortable. This keycap combination also comes with an 18-month guarantee. So you dont have to worry about any problems until that time, and you can also extend the warranty.


  • Traditional sign design makes them attractive.
  • Compatibility across most platforms.
  • PTB keycaps are strong and long-lasting.
  • An 18-month guarantee is included.


  • There is no apostrophe key.

9. IJKT Cherry MX Japanese Keycaps

IJKT Cherry MX Japanese Keycaps​

The IJKT Japanese Cherry Mx Keycaps is an excellent option to buy in 2022 as they offer the best combination of all possible features in this compact Japanese keycap. The best part is that it is not extremely pricey, making it an excellent pick, and these keycaps come highly recommended by everyone. Another advantage is that the producer of these keycaps offers quick shipping. In addition, customer reviews of these keycaps claim that the item is of the best grade and quality. So, If you’re looking for the Finest Keycaps Under $100, it’s worth investing and checking them out.

These Japanese keycaps are comprised of PBT substances with a glossy surface and an anti-grease treatment, ensuring superior longevity and typing experience. Mechanical Keyboard for Cherry Mx, Gateron, and Kailh Switches are compatible with 90% of 61/87/104/108 automated keypads and any significant flips with cross-shaped switching. The keycaps are produced with a delicate and vibrant design using a five-sided heat transfer method. The design is subtle, giving you a soothing sensation with every touch. They have a keycap replacement device designed exclusively for these keycaps that works perfectly and is easy to use.


  • It’s the ideal fit for most keyboard.
  • These will not allow light to pass through.
  • The construction condition is excellent, and it includes an additional fate-branded spacebar.
  • Both white and black keyboards go nicely with this combo.


  • These aren’t particularly transparent.

10. SDYZ 155 White Japanese Keycaps

SDYZ 155 White Japanese Keycaps

The SDYZ 155 are great Japanese keycaps that include 46 substitute modifier keys and are made in Japan. When it comes to customizing your keypad and boosting the convenience aspect, it gives you a lot of options. The XDA Signature Keycaps provide a larger contact surface and material friction than normal keys, resulting in better overall comfort. The SDYZ 155 keycaps provide a similar degree of comfort and usefulness with a gentler touch and better motion. This combination is compliant with various MX switches and is ideal for individuals who desire a mechanical keyboard that can be customized. It may be used to customize keys with 61/64/66/68/81/87/96/98/104/108 keys. These popular keycaps are composed of dye-sublimated PBT plastic, which is extremely durable. It is easy to use and straightforward to set up.

The flexibility to switch designs without destroying your keypad is another advantage of these Japanese keycaps set. Most MX controls, as well as several other manufacturers, are compliant with the XDA switch configurations. They also provide a worry-free 18-month guarantee and helpful customer support. 


  • There are 155 keys in total, including 46 replacement keys.
  • PBT keycaps with five sides of lamination.
  • Deployment is simple and they XDA Profile.


  • Keycaps are pure white.


Using Japanese keycaps is nothing new; they are one of the most common keycap types among mechanical custom keyboard aficionados. One of the reasons why they are so popular is because these keycaps tend to give your keyboard a very interesting look. Keycap producers everywhere are battling to create unique and interesting Japanese keycap sets, which are now flooding the market and you can choose the ones that suits best for you. We hope we were able to explain the distinctions between various keycaps and assisted you in selecting your first set. 

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