Best L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk – 2022

The quest to find the best L-shaped gaming computer desk is long and hard as many different kinds of gaming desks and tables exist in the market. Here we have discussed some of the best l shaped gaming desks to help narrow down your search through reviews and research.
The quest to find the best L-shaped gaming computer desk is long and hard as many different kinds of gaming desks and tables exist in the market. Here we have discussed some of the best l shaped gaming desks to help narrow down your search through reviews and research.

There are currently many gaming desks available in the market, with many different models. However, whether your gaming desk has a standard format (rectangular, square) or is in the form of a shelf, l-shaped, these types aren’t necessary when making your choice. You can make your own choice as long as the table of your choice provides enough space for your needs and fits into the space provided for it. Every gaming desk design has advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in this article.

Benefits of L Shaped Gaming Desks :

The l shaped gaming desks are ideal for computer tables because they provide plenty of work and storage space. These tables are best placed in a corner or against a wall as a room divider to create a safe zone. That’s why they are also called corner desks.

  • Corner tables are ideal for combining gaming, working, and learning all at one table because they have a lot of storage space.
  • Capable of providing extra work surface without getting up: The l shaped gaming desks provide an additional work surface next to you; simply turn to the side.
  • Gaming tables with two sides are ideal for those who want to position their workstation in a corner or give an impression of a room divider.
  • While corner workstations appear huge, they can be used effectively for practical room planning, particularly in tiny spaces.
  • If the desk’s edges are long enough, two persons can sit at once.

Even though the L-shaped Gaming Computer Desks appear to be somewhat massive and unwieldy, they are ideal for tiny rooms since they create their mini-island. You can use these corner tables to divide rooms by leaving one side open in the room. These desks do not take up nearly as much room as you may believe and create an enormous amount of usable space. The L-shaped Gaming Desks can make the space appear larger in small areas. Let’s dive in and check out these desks.

7 Best L Shaped Gaming Computer Desks :


Eureka L Shaped Gaming Desk

If you’re looking for a gaming table with two sides, i.e., an L-shaped Gaming Desk, the “Eureka Ergonomic L60” is the ideal option. For less than 200 euros, you can purchase a highly stable table with curved metal curves. This Gaming desk measures 155 centimeters on the long side and 110 centimeters on the short side. The height of the table is 76 centimeters, and the depth is 60 cm. The company “Eureka Ergonomic” is synonymous with high-quality gaming tables and is one of the market’s top sellers. The “L60” is a high-quality corner table that is great for gaming and is quick to assemble. When arranging the corner table, you can choose which side the L runs on, i.e., where the long and short sides of the corner table should be at the end. 

The classic l shaped design will assist you in fitting precisely into a corner and optimizing your limited space. Allowing the users to Work and play simultaneously, thus making it a good choice for an l shaped gaming computer desk. The gaming workstation is constructed entirely of environmentally friendly P2 chipboard that is waterproof and scratch-resistant. The adjustable foot pad enables you to maintain balance on an uneven floor. The total weight capacity of this l shaped gaming computer desk is 90 kg.


The “Soges” L-shaped gaming computer desk is a remarkably low-cost table that is roughly around 100 pounds. The table is symmetrical, with two equal-length sides joined by a diagonal connector. Due to the large size of this desk, it was designed to assist you in increasing productivity in your home office. The L-shaped table features multiple desktops, allowing it to accommodate many users while maintaining ample space.

This gaming computer desk is 21.7 x 59 x 30 inches and is constructed from E1 solid particle wood. As a result, it is both flexible and durable. Additionally, the frame was constructed from robust metal, and the addition of diagonal brackets ensures the desk’s longevity. You never have to worry about it collapsing when you attach your monitors to this desk. This l shaped gaming desk has two equal-length sides of 150 cm each. The height of the table is 76 centimeters, and the depth is 55 cm, which will be ideal for a large workspace. The desk is quite stylish in black and works well as an office table; the diagonal centerpiece is suitable for a lamp or some plants decoration.


The “Vasagle” L-shaped gaming desk is approximately 95 euros and features a sophisticated dark wood finish with black metal legs. The table features an additional shelf on one side, providing more storage space. For the price, the table looks quite elegant. It is a spacious gaming computer desk that fits comfortably in any home office. It is available in two timeless hues to complement any design with wheels or shelves, and it may be utilized for any activity, such as working or studying. Whatever purpose you want to use it for or how much time you intend to spend at your workspace, this l shaped  gaming desk will fulfill all your needs.

Its design enables you to place whatever type of work equipment you require: PCs, laptops, and books, for example, without needing an additional desk for your computer or other work equipment. If you require extra storage space, choose the VASAGLE L-Shaped Gaming Desk and if you prefer a mobile workstation, the normal VASAGLE Computer Desk can meet all of your working demands. This desk comes with two shelves for storing files and books; the top shelf can be removed to make room for a computer tower as an alternative.


Sogeshome L Shaped Gaming Desk

The “SogesHome” is a multifunctional L-shaped Gaming Desk that is symmetrical and a very simple desk with a suitable size of 150 centimeters per side. This table will cost you around 100 pounds which is not that bad considering its features. A wide E1 solid particle wood desktop with strong scratch and friction resistance makes it ideal for compact offices while providing an additional area for writing, working, handcrafting, gaming, and other hobbies. The desk measures are Length (59+59), Width 21.7, Height 30 inches allowing the users to have a considerable amount of work area. An additional stand below this l shaped gaming computer desk protects your computer host from wetness and saves space. This straightforward desk is excellent for gaming areas. Although the table is not exceptional, it is pretty useful and amply carved.

An important thing to do and be cautious of is to unscrew all screws first, particularly those that connect the tabletop, and then gently pat the tabletop to level it. When all components are secure, tighten all screws. Add the metal component beneath the desktop to ensure that all of the desktop’s components remain level after the entire computer desk is installed. If your gaming desk arrives broken or is not in the proper condition, you can always ask for a refund or a new one.


This L-shaped Gaming Computer Desk with the raised monitor stand from the “Vasagle” brand will cost you approximately 105 pounds. The 20 x 90 cm flexible monitor stands for one or two monitors and is located on the table’s long side, and can also be mounted anywhere along the edge of the desk. Each component of this desk is numbered, with full instructions and a screwdriver included with the desk. The desk’s structure is precise, with solid and sturdy materials, making it last longer.

The steel frame is relatively stable, with a circumference of 3 x 3 cm. It acts as a sturdy base for the tabletop, supporting up to 50 kg in weight. So, even if you strike the keys violently, the piece of furniture’s stability is not jeopardized. This l shaped gaming desk has adjustable feet, making it simple to level off minor floor irregularities. Additionally, this is shielded against scratches and blemishes. You can follow the clear assembly steps and easy-to-understand instructions provided with the desk, which come in numbered parts. Your computer desk will be ready in no time for its main purpose, which is to offer you a place where your brilliant ideas can come to life.

The desk has a lot of space because of the monitor elevation, so you can feel free to place documents, chargers, controllers, and your smartphone under the screen. All these features make it a great l shaped gaming computer desk.


GreenForest L Shaped Gaming Desk

The brand “GreenForest” manufactures a wide range of furniture for both homes and offices, and they have done a pretty good job with this L-shaped gaming desk as well, which is an excellent long-term investment. The GreenForest L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk is one of the largest gaming workstations on the market right now, with a 58-inch-long side and a 44-inch short perpendicular side. Due to the 18-inch width of this gaming desk, there is enough space for installing a corner monitor, even on the curved portion. Additionally, it includes a separate platform on the lower side for mounting your cabinet, which is critical for gaming rigs. This desk will cost you roughly around 100 pounds.

This large l shaped gaming desk is extremely simple to install, as all necessary equipment and assembly instructions are included with the desk. If you are not positioning the desk in a corner, you may disassemble it and divide it into a simple, compact desk and a large horizontal gaming desk. Additionally, you may combine two of these pieces to create a U-shaped gaming desk, providing you with the optimal working and gaming hybrid configuration conceivable. The desk’s top is composed of engineered wood, and the structure is supported by a robust 1.57 x 0.7-inch cross-section iron frame.


The Seven Warrior L Shaped Gaming Desk is a universal gaming desk that can easily fit into your home. The desk has an extra-long L Shaped design with a total of three shelves, giving you more space to lay out all your gaming equipment. It also has cable management holes, allowing you to organize the wires and cables behind the desk for better aesthetic appeal. It has three built-in storage compartments to hold your mouse, keyboard, and headset. The shelves in the storage compartment are adjustable to different heights so that you can customize them according to your need. It comes in two sizes – 70″ and 42″, suitable for small or big spaces.

This l shaped gaming desk has a solid build and is made from high-quality materials. The desk’s l shape design allows for plenty of room to have multiple monitors, a mouse, and a keyboard, which means you can play your favorite games or watch movies in style. Having an ergonomic and adjustable chair will make sure that you are comfortable while playing on this gaming desk.


We’ve reviewed the top 7 best L-shaped gaming desks that you can buy right now in this article, and we hope we’ve helped you in finding the right gaming desk that will suit your needs as well as fit your gaming setup. These desks are all quality products with great reviews so you can be assured of a good purchase. Thanks for reading!

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