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Best Low-Profile Keyboards – 2022

Learn all about the best low-profile mechanical keyboards and what makes them unique. The detailed review will help you choose the keyboard which will best fit your needs.
Learn all about the best low-profile mechanical keyboards and what makes them unique. The detailed review will help you choose the keyboard which will best fit your needs.

Whether it’s about making your remote working experience comfortable or enhancing your gaming practices, a keyboard serves you plenty. But, often, customers find an inconvenience rugged with heavy pieces. That’s where a low-profile keyboard comes in handy. Talk about affordability, portability, compactness, and convenience – these keyboards have so much to offer. Writers and professionals who find it challenging to bend their wrists will find outright comfort in them. Even gamers who wish to take their gaming experience to newer heights can switch to these keyboards.

Now to the discussion of which ones are the best in the market, we have selected seven wired and wireless low-profile mechanical keyboards that have garnered immense popularity these days. Let’s read through the narration and learn further about them, one by one.

Top 7 Best Low-Profile Keyboards 2022

1. HAVIT Backlit Wired Keyboard

Low Profile Wired Keyboard

If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, this keyboard is just for you. Design-wise, it’s ultra-thin, compact, and lightweight. This variant measures around 13.94” x 5” x 0.89” and weighs just 520g. Comparing it with other low-profile keyboards, its lighter and thinner design philosophy makes it a clear winner. Besides low-profile switches, it gets equipped with the Kailh Blue Switch. The 11.5mm switch height improves your overall experience. Thanks to the 3mm critical distance, that creates an outstanding mechanical feel. What is more impressive is the 6mm suspended keycap that’s ultra-thin!

It tops this list of low-profile keyboards mainly because of the lighting technologies implemented by the devs. First, there’s the ice-blue LED light alongside some excellent backlight modes. To customize your experience, all you require is to press the Fn+F1-F5 on it. And for saving the setup, you need to click Fn + F12. There’s a shortcut for the presetting mode, and that’s – Fn + F6 – F11. Few other features that it includes are a detachable USB to the micro cable, Plug & Play, 87 keys of the N-key Rollover, and more.


  • Smooth keycaps
  • Extremely lightweight
  • A compact and flat profile that will fit perfectly with your setup.
  • Beautiful color options
  • Seamless typing & gaming experience.


  • Its power draw is extremely high for the battery.
  • Not wireless
  • Non-adjustable backlight color.
  • Hard-to-find alternative keycaps as it’s top-printed instead of being front-printed.

2. Keychron K1 Keyboards

keychron k1 Low Profile keyboard

This low-profile mechanical keyboard is highly compact and will fascinate you if you’re more of a wireless person. The best part of purchasing this keyboard is that you get different pricing scales depending on the type of features you prefer. You get two variants: 87-key and 104-key. You can choose from either of these backlight variations: RGB backlight or white backlight. Calling it one of the unique keyboards at this budget is an understatement because the developers offer even choices for switches: red or blue. 

According to its design philosophy, Keychron K1has ultra-slim wireless body built for productivity and a great typing experience. Connect it with three devices (although some customers have faced problems while connecting) a laptop, smartphone, and iPad. Its USB Type-C option lets you combine it with one device. Its Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset works best for office, home, and light gaming purposes with broad and reliable compatibility.

This low-profile keyboard comes with a unique Mac layout, it has all Mac function keys and is also compatible with Windows devices. It includes additional keycaps for both Mac as well as Windows Oss. Its Gateron low-profile mechanical switch is durable and 48% slimmer than the traditional switch. You just need a finger’s travel for outright comfort. The Blue button offers unrivaled tactile responsiveness alongside a longevity of 50 million keystrokes. What’s more charming is its white LED backlight has modern keycap legends that help you type in dim environments. It also has 6KRO on its wireless mode, while NKRO or n-key rollover is on its wired way.


  • Clicky Blue-switch keys
  • Solid construction
  • Excellent design


  • You may find it challenging to connect it to your Windows device.
  • Bluetooth pairing problems.
  • Poor battery life

3. NuPhy Air75 Keyboard

NuPhy low profile keyboard

NuPhy’s remarkable practice of developing a compact, low-profile keyboard has finally paid off. Probably, Air75 is by far the slimmest mechanical keyboard using a 75% layout. Kudos to its innovative aluminum alloy stamping process and ultra-thin aluminum frame, due to which its thinnest point remains 16mm. No need to worry about wrist rest and long-time usage because that won’t damage your wrist! This variant includes three modes: 2.4G wireless, a USB C wired, and Bluetooth 5.0 modes with an array of connection methods. Pair it up with a maximum of four devices without hesitation. It’s incredibly suitable for office, house, casual & outdoor games.

It runs the 2500 mAh battery used for 48 hours. Not to forget, its 21 backlight modes & four sidelight modes are also extremely rewarding. You can select static or dynamic light mode as per your preferences. The Air75 is compatible with both Windows and Mac, offers multimedia button layouts and shortcut keys making it a great low-profile mechanical keyboard.


  • Elegant design
  • It makes typing a fun experience by minimizing typing errors.


  • The magnetic feet don’t offer enough incline for comfort.

4. Logitech G915 Keyboard

Logitech G915 Keyboard

Being the most expensive variant on this list, Logitech G915 has reasons to justify its pricing. Firstly, it’s a full-sized keyboard having a brushed aluminum frame. The RGB lighting complements your gaming experience. Choose from any of these low-profile mechanical keyboard options to enjoy a decent typing experience: tactile, clicky, and linear. You will find different profile adjustments, lighting keys, and macro keys atop the keyboard. It has height adjustment kickstands and an extremely thin body. The hard-to-find keycaps are made for GL switches. So, be cautious while taking out keycaps & putting them again. The keyboard has bright and shiny keycaps.

This low-profile keyboard has bright, shiny keycaps, and it features a fast wireless connection. It sports ultra-fast 1 ms performance. You can connect it using the lightspeed wireless technology. For this reason, you need to use its USB receiver on the computer or laptop.


  • The G915 offers Bluetooth technology.
  • 100% RGB brightness.
  • Excellent typing experience.
  • Design-wise, it’s great.


  • An extremely expensive variant.
  • It would be better if it got higher-end keycaps.
  • Micro-USB might not be justifiable in the 2020 world of USB-C.

5. CorsairK60 RGB Pro

Corsair K60 Low profile keyboard

If you wish to opt for a stylish and stunningly slim design, this Corsair variant is just for you. The developers introduce a solid black anodized brushed aluminum frame to bring forth a streamlined and modern low-profile keyboard with good looks and durability. With this model, you can illuminate your desktop with dynamic and bright backlighting. It’s completely customizable with near-limitless effects and colors. It comes with Corsair iCUE software that enables dynamic RGB lighting control, personalized macro programming, key remaps, and lighting synchronization around the devices. With this keyboard, you can experience a higher degree of immersion while playing the games, as the RGB lighting reacts to the in-game actions &events in real-time.

The mechanical keyboard comes equipped with the full n-key Rollover having 100% anti-ghosting that ensures every keypress registers, regardless of how speedy one can play. The keyboard shortcuts will allow you to control media playbacks, volume, and onboard lighting. You can connect it to another device using the USB.


  • Great gaming keyboard.
  • Incredible design philosophy.
  • Comfortable wrist pad.


  • Not applicable for typing professionals.
  • No audio port in the model.

6. Redragon Keyboard

Redragon Low Profile Keyboard

Gamers and professionals can get their hands on the Redragon keyboard for its quiet low, profile keys. These keys are durable, long-lasting, and responsive. It features a complete ABS construction having precision-engineered keycaps. The keys provide you with a great low-profile mechanical keyboard feel with a short essential trip with less resistance. They need less work to type & can deliver tactile feedback for a perfect gaming experience. The LED keyboard’s backlighted design has six different Backlight Modes, four levels of backlight brightness, adjustable breathing speed, and multiple colors. Don’t worry: its illumination can also get turned off completely. The most intriguing feature often praised by loyal fans is its waterproof design. This PC gaming keyboard can withstand liquid spills. And that’s not the end!

Besides being a great low-profile keyboard for gaming, it has amazing ergonomics. Its keyboard legs can adjust its typing angle alongside the space-saving design that delivers a pure gaming experience. The keys will make your fingers feel comfortable, regardless of the long hours of typing or the intense experience associated with gaming. Additionally, the Redragon K509 comprises a total of 25 Conflict-Free (the n-Key Rollover), besides the twelve multimedia keys. It has a full numeric keypad alongside a USB connector (that’s corrosion-free) for a convenient and reliable connection. Considering its compatibility, you can connect it with Windows OS and Mac OS.


  • Its price is one of the perks of buying the device.
  • The keyboard offers a feel-good experience.
  • Attractive LEDs.
  • Extremely compatible for gaming.
  • Perfect for typing inside a dark room.


  • Spacebar is not that comfortable and smooth.
  • RGB backlight might seem dimmer than its earlier editions.

7. Cooler Master SK650 Keyboard

Cooler Master SK650 Keyboard

Cooler Master has professionally designed this keyboard with its logo embedded on the Fn key. The SK 650 variant is a low-profile mechanical keyboard with a full-sized design and a number pad. Among the best small, low-profile mechanical keyboards, this option has full RGB lighting and has more than 15 pre-programmed lighting effects. Some of them include rainbow waves, reactive fades, rain, stars, etc. There’s a thin lighting strip along the frame’s side that you can customize.

The switches and keycaps together have the basic floating design, where switches & RGB lights get exposed underneath. That allows a visually bright experience. Like any other low-profile mechanical keyboard, it offers N-key Rollover, which has accurate keypress detection despite button-mashing during gaming. This keyboard offers a brushed aluminum plate at the back from designing perspective. Nonetheless, you can find a plastic base that takes away its rigidity. Additionally, it has a wedged shape that raises its back slightly. Although the sizing isn’t ultra-slim, loyal customers appreciate its overall look with its flat keycaps, floating essential style, and short base.


  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • The switches are really quiet.
  • Multiple lighting effects.


  • Sizing is not ultra-slim.
  • The sharp edge of its space bar is plain, and it feels uncomfortable to rest your thumb against it.


The Low-profile keyboards are a revolutionary solution for people who want to experience a smooth gaming and a seamless typing experience. Besides being lightweight and portable, these small mechanical keyboards are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

And with that stated, the list of best low-profile keyboards comes to an end. We hope that after reading about all of the finest seven keyboard models, you will be able to choose according to your preferences. Invest in the best variation that can ultimately improve your experience.

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