Best Vertical Gaming Mouse

Best Vertical Gaming Mouse – 2022

Everything you need to know about some of the best vertical gaming mouse as they can be a deciding factor on how you play games and a good gaming mouse will maximize your gaming experience.
Everything you need to know about some of the best vertical gaming mouse as they can be a deciding factor on how you play games and a good gaming mouse will maximize your gaming experience.

The gaming universe cannot thank respectable Jack Lo enough for designing his own vertical gaming mouse in 1994. The reason behind this discovery was his utter dissatisfaction with the conventional design, which resulted in discomfort. Since then, the patented ‘handshake’ design has become a fan favorite in the gaming sphere. An ardent gamer who suffers from wrist and hand pain throughout their gaming journey can consider this variant. It’s an extremely sturdy design allowing your forearm and arm to keep your hand in a handshake position. Besides managing your wrist strain & pain, it also offers a standalone gaming experience. 

Note that with revolutions in gaming technologies, manufacturers have introduced newer variants. That makes it difficult for people to choose the best vertical mouse from the market. But worry no longer because this post enlightens you with the seven most durable vertical gaming mouse in 2022.

Top 7 Best Vertical Gaming Mouse 2022

1. J-Tech Digital Vertical Mouse (Wired)

J-Tech Digital Vertical Mouse

If you are looking for a vertical gaming mouse that features vibrant RGB LEDs with different color options, look no further than this J-tech model. Designed to get utilized in the neutral handshake position, it offers seamless movement alongside less strain. Besides alleviating your wrist pain throughout your gaming experience, its ergonomic design offers customization modes to develop a unique style. You can adjust the mouse responsiveness with the five available DPI options (ranging from 800 to a whopping 4000). Its optical tracking technology ensures improved sensitivity for accurate tracking on an array of surfaces. Use its forward/back buttons situated near its thumb area for optimal comfort.

You can change the button functionality and reassign them using the driver or even the compatible software. The J-Tech vertical gaming mouse also includes a palm rest which you can detach easily depending on your convenience and preference. Connect it with Linux and Windows devices to experience a magical gaming journey. Just like other J-Tech digital products, even this one includes a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. What’s more, you also get free lifetime technical support from its manufacturer. 


  • Fast, accurate, and precise functions on the default settings.
  • A command center that lets you operate the LED colors as per your preferences.
  • Feel great on hands and quiet.
  • Even if it’s wired, the cord is long.


  • Beginners may find it challenging to operate the wrist rest feature.
  • Hitting the exact anchor points on the path in a vector graphic might be frustrating.

2. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse

It seems Anker’s previous reputation wasn’t enough to satisfy the company’s brand identity. That’s probably why the manufacturers worked on another mouse. And that’s how the 2.4G vertical gaming mouse comes into the frame. Setting new standards for its own products, Anchor brings forth a model that ticks the right boxes with a compact and comfortable wireless design. You will love the button that helps you control sensitivity and back/ forward buttons. Although this part of the buttons won’t work with your Mac device, you may use it on other devices. As per its design philosophy, it sports a scientific ergonomic design that encourages neutral “handshake” arm and wrist positions for smoother movement alongside less strain.

Under the hood of mouse, it runs a pair of AAA batteries. Although you need to buy it separately, it’s worth the overall experience. After all, it lasts for more than a single month, based on how long you use it. The main USP of this vertical gaming mouse is it enters the exclusive power-saving mode some minute after getting inactive. Right-handed people will immensely enjoy the experience, which might be one of a few cons of this mouse. Overall, it offers excellent value for money and comes equipped with a massive 18-month warranty.


  • A massive 18-year warranty.
  • State of the art design.
  • Excellent experience for a right-handed gamer.


  • The wheel and power buttons are quite hard.
  • The sensor might stop working at times.

3. Sunffice Left-Handed Vertical Mouse

Sunffice Left-Handed Vertical Mouse

So, here goes the best and the only variant this list has for left-handed gaming aficionados! This wireless vertical gaming mouse features an ergonomically superior, unique, and upright design. Using it will reduce wrist and arm tension, thereby allowing a seamless and natural operation. Additionally, it features the advanced “page forward” and “page back” buttons offering outright convenience. What’s more exciting is that the levels ranging from 800 to 1600 DPI let you adjust the mouse sensitivity quite easily. It also offers a speedy response, seamless tracking, and accurate movement. Happiest is the left-handed gamer who buys this mouse that offers less noise and quiet clicks. All in all, it has become a superior option for people working in front of a desktop for long hours, besides gaming.

It comprises a built-in rechargeable battery, so you don’t need to buy it! Impressively, the independent “on and off” switch button helps save energy. The manufacturer incorporates the 2.4 GHz wireless technology that offers a reliable and powerful connection to 10m. The play & plug feature on this vertical gaming mouse lets you enjoy speedy data transmission at the comfort of wireless technology! You can connect it with Windows devices and get a smooth gaming experience.


  • Extremely comfortable for large hands.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Comfortable experience.


  • The battery lasts only for three days.
  • Poor forward & back button positions.

4. Attoe Right Handed Vertical Mouse

Attoe Right Handed Vertical Mouse

Designed to reduce muscle strain, Attoe’s right-handed vertical gaming mouse will undo the damage you made by using a conventional computer mouse for years. Shoulder fatigue, wrist pain, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome may get alleviated seamlessly. Considering the features, this mouse sports an adjustable DPI setting that allows you to change the mouse’s sensitivity using the pointer speed. It allows decreasing the speed for tasks that otherwise need guaranteed precision. Additionally, it also increases the speed for faster browsing.

There’s a rechargeable AA battery inside this product. It would be best if you charged it using the USB cable charging. So, no stress of spending dimes on a new battery over and over again! The mouse is compatible with MAC and Windows operating systems. It also comes with a 30-day free return & refund besides a 12-month warranty from the company. 


  • Sturdy and highly durable.
  • Ideal for right-handed people.


  • It’s available in only two color variants.

5. TRELC Vertical Mouse

TRELC Vertical Gaming Mouse

Another excellent vertical gaming mouse in this list is the TRELC product. This particular mouse is based on ergonomics that reduce the user’s wrist strain & muscle pain, and you can achieve it with the natural handshake griping way. It is not an exaggeration to call it an optimal healer for shoulder fatigue, wrist pain, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. It brings forth the integrated five orientations rocker that helps all gamers achieve their superior performance in every gaming session. In it, you will find one rocker equaling a total of 5 keys. With the thumb controlling function, you can operate the mouse in the rear, left, down, and right pressures. The best part is it gets adapted to MOBA, FPS, MMO, and even other gaming types.

Intelligent macro indicates the functions that allow users to customize around 11 buttons as per various individualities. You can refer to the manual and consider checking the attached software to build a customized professional vertical gaming mouse. Programmable data gets saved in it while plugging into the new computer. No reset hassle is there, so that’s another perk. It comprises the five DPI varying velocity ranging between 1500 and 10000 sensors. The mouse adapts PMW3325 photoelectric chip alongside 100IPS movement speed, 5000FPS scanning frequency, and 20G acceleration. All these features help in achieving superior gameplay. Moreover, you can use the RGB color-changing belt set on both sides. 


  • After downloading the control software, it lets you control polling rate, DPI, and lighting.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Stylish and sleek design.


  • Poor thumb button position.
  • No concavities to lift it while gaming.
  • The static light modes change the brightness only.

6. Zeerkeer Gaming Mouse

Zeerkeer Vertical Gaming Mouse

Just like any other vertical gaming mouse, the Zeerkeer’s mouse also works on alleviating muscle strain. The ergonomic gaming mouse comprises more than ten programmable buttons. Besides supporting macro editing, it lets you customize button functions via the programming software. And in the process of doing so, it meets different gaming requirements. Kudos to the development strategies that manufacturers embraced – due to which the gamers could get their hands on a mouse with integrated position operation! Control the directions with just your thumb – from front to back, left, down, and right! MOBA, FPS, and MMO gamers will find this model pretty impressive. 

This high-precision gaming mouse comes equipped with the PAW3325 10000 DPI sensor, 20G acceleration, 100IPS, and 5000FPS. Also, it has incredible speed and precision. Every section consists of a different light tip with 4 DPI indicators. 


  • Compatible for small hands.
  • Money-worthy.
  • A compact gamer’s choice because it has a joystick.


  • It might not be a decent option for gamers with large hands.
  • By default, it’s automatically configured to WASD.

7. DELUX Wired Vertical Mouse

Although Delux is the last offering in this list of the best vertical gaming mouse, it still gives tough competition to the other mentioned products. Its special volute bionic design is the main US that reduces hand stiffness and discomfort. It is anti-dust and anti-sweat, thus ensuring increased durability for long-time use. It’s a hundred times better when you compare it with the conventional mouse. After all, it comes with 1000DPI/125Hz alongside PAW3327 high-precision tracking engine. This mouse requires less movement for the same tracking, thereby reducing hands fatigue. You can also use it as an ergonomic gaming mouse.

It comprises an onboard memory setup with programmable buttons. That means you can program the buttons with a multi-optional function setting, adjust the DPI parameter and customize the mouse according to your preference. Moreover, you get a total of 11 lighting effects. You can turn the RGB backlit on and off quite easily through that ON/OFF switch placed at the bottom. Connect it with Windows Vista, 7, XP, 8, 10 OS, and dive into a magical experience. It’s a perfect fit for various devices, PC Computer, Laptop, MacBook (limited support to the Mac devices, the side buttons aren’t available for MAC OS), and Notebook. Compared with a conventional mouse, this device has a unique ergonomic vertical design, making your gaming experience worthy.


  • It offers a comfortable and feel-good gaming experience.
  • Easy to use and seamless to setup.
  • Robust and stylish design.


  • Shooting games might feel like a struggle with this particular mouse.
  • People with tiny hands might feel the challenge.


A vertical gaming mouse is nothing new in this revolutionary gaming universe. But the concept of using it apparently is new to many newcomers. Beginners or experienced gamers who already suffer from a couple of wrist issues may choose any of the products mentioned above. So, purchasing a decent vertical mouse is recommendable because it lets you adjust the incline angle, positioning your wrist correctly. We hope that this article will help you decide on the mouse which will best suit your needs. 

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