Best White Gaming Headset For PS5 & PC in 2022

Best White Gaming Headset For PS5 & PC in 2022

Check out the detailed guide for 7 Best White Gaming Headsets for PS5 & PC in 2022 that will best suit your needs and focus on what to look out for when choosing a good gaming headset.
Check out the detailed guide for 7 Best White Gaming Headsets for PS5 & PC in 2022 that will best suit your needs and focus on what to look out for when choosing a good gaming headset.

If you’re searching for the best white gaming headsets for PS5 & PC, then look no further as we have done the research and compiled a list of the top 5 best gaming headphones that look amazing in white and are truly wireless. Almost every PC or Console players need a good gaming headset because we all know a good headset can make a big difference in your games. The headsets provide a simple, all-in-one alternative for your gaming audio needs and often include a good quality mic. If you go for the wired headsets, they have long wires to fit almost any gaming configuration. 

Like any other sort of technology, there are several gaming headphones on the market and most of them are just standard or even below that so you have to carefull before buying. It doesn’t bother what kind of game you devote your Saturdays to; whether it’s an action RPG or a first-person shooter, having a good audio profile enhances every gaming session. Let’s look at some of the important factors you need to understand before buying a white gaming headset for your PS5 & PC.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying a Gaming Headset

1) Comfort Level

The Comfort level that the gaming headsets provide to the users when being used is one of the most significant factors to consider when buying a white gaming headset for PS5 & PC. A terrible fit can be physically unpleasant since you’re planning to play for extended periods of time, which means you won’t be completely focused entirely on fragging. Although it may appear to be alright at first, trapped heat, sweat, and pressure can accumulate with time. Even slight discomfort might feel dreadful after an hour or two. A slight excess weight might cause neck problems in the incorrect place. Finding the perfect fit for you will help you get the most out of the headset’s various functions while also ensuring that it is relaxing.

Gamers who use eyeglasses should closely review their gaming headset’s convenience since certain ear cups or designs might make wearing spectacles quite unpleasant. Many people complain about the uncomfortable sensation of hot ears after long gaming periods, which might be difficult to prevent, especially if you prefer to play for hours on end. Although imitation leather is attractive, a porous material enables more airflow. Making comfortability a priority will definitely help you choose the right white gaming headset for PS5 & PC.

2) Build Quality of the Gaming Headset

When it comes to purchasing a white gaming headset for your PS5 or PC, the build quality is very crucial. Most entry-level headsets are composed of polyester to keep the prices down. When pressed, plastic headphones might squeak, necessitating extra caution. If you want something more sturdy, choose headsets made of tough materials like steel or aluminum. Headsets made of these components are marginally more expensive than plastic ones, but they last longer and provide greater value. You should also consider the quality of the headphone cord. Many versions now come with woven and tangle-free cords, which provide greater longevity. The fit and finish of your white gaming headset refer to how it feels and how sturdy it is. While this function may not be specified on the box or the manufacturer’s website, it is undoubtedly one of the most vital considerations when purchasing a headset.

 It’s best to use a headset with a steel or copper structure. If you must use polymer, search for one with sufficient flexion and extension to accommodate the anatomy of your head. A headset made of cheap or weak build quality may accumulate even minor tension or strain on the headset and can result in a bad experience. So, keep the build quality in mind when choosing the right white gaming headset for PS5 & PC.

3) Mic Quality Of The Gaming Headset

The mic quality on a white gaming headset is usually not given much attention, but there are a few factors to consider while browsing around. First, don’t get too excited about obtaining a recording-quality gaming microphone—they don’t even exist. Gaming headphone mics tend to suffer in the bass area of the frequency band, making people with fairly deep voices seem like they’re speaking throughout a tin can. Such mics typically don’t always get sufficient energy from their connections if they’re 3.5mm or USB, so you could sound a bit quiet. If you want a headset that can be used for listening and relaxing purposes while you’re out and about, one with a detachable microphone is an excellent choice. The majority of gaming headphones consist of a boom microphone, which could be either bidirectional or mono. Since they usually pick up noises from all angles, many game firms have no motive to incorporate a panoramic mic.

Uni-directional microphone headphones are nicer at dismissing off-axis noises and start producing extra nice and clear playback. You can acquire a good white gaming headset for PS5 & PC with a removable or lavalier microphone that is less invasive and lies softly on your collar within these circumstances.

4) Sound Quality Of The Gaming Headset

The sound quality of the white gaming headset is another crucial factor you have to consider, as it can affect your gameplay in a big way. One of the features of many headsets is Surround sound, which is not to be confused with 3D sound, it is a very big functionality in gaming headphones, and it can be essential depending on what type of game you prefer. Surround sound headphones can provide a 360-degree panorama with numerous loudspeakers supporting both ears. They have everything set up such that if anything comes out behind you to your right, you will detect it. This is a premium element in almost all types of media. It can give you a significant boost in games. Surround sound is available in various formats. There is Dolby Atmos for headsets, DTS:X 2, Windows Sonic, and a slew of additional designs created by headset manufacturers. 

Almost every game console now has some type of positional audio—Windows and Xbox consoles both have Windows Sonic, while PS5 has its own Tempest 3D audio system. These constructed specifications operate with any headphone, regardless of whether it links through USB or 3.5mm. A binaural headphone will work perfectly for gamers of MOBA games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 and pretty much any single-player game. Gamers who just use headsets for conversation or single-player games could be able to save some money by choosing a white gaming headset that lacks simulated surround sound or other sound capabilities. Professional gamers and those who want more authentic games may choose to invest in more precise surround sound headphones to get an advantage in battle royale game modes.

5) Noise cancellation of Gaming Headset

Another significant factor to consider when buying your white gaming headset for PS5 & PC is whether it comes with noise cancellation. This feature impacts the sounds we hear in many games, particularly Esports titles. Receiving the correct spatial sound indications can make a huge difference in your game and determine whether you win or lose. Noise isolation is a function in headsets that helps you focus on the sounds coming through the speakers by reducing ambient noise. The seal tightness heavily influences the audio quality of a headset. Poor insulation may drastically alter your perception of sound, which is particularly critical for headsets and games that employ extremely subtle directed audio signals. In most white gaming headsets, there are two types of noise isolation:

  • Active noise cancellation

All white gaming headsets for PC and consoles use software to actively filter out ambient noises, and headsets with active noise canceling are a bit more complicated and expensive. But it’s worth it as the headsets with this feature provide the most precise sound possible.

  • Passive Noise Cancellation

Another wonderful feature in most white gaming headsets is passive noise cancellation, which employs well-designed ear cups to shut out undesirable sounds. This is used for both over-ear headphones and in-ear earphones, where the earbud itself isolates the listener from outside sounds. Active Noise Cancellation reduces background and ambient noises by using microphones and speakers

Top 7 Best White Gaming Headsets For PS5 & PC in 2022

These 7 best white gaming headsets listed here are only selected after testing and reviewing. These headsets are wireless as well, which makes them lighter for a better user experience.

1) Corsair Virtuoso RGB White Gaming Headset - Great Build Quality

Corsair Virtuoso RGB White Gaming Headset

The Virtuoso White Gaming Headset is a feature-packed headset from Corsair. It has all of the functionality that a gamer can ever want. The Corsair emblem on the white design looks stunning, and it also gives the headset a crisp, distinct appeal that many people overlook. The headset is made of memory foam, and it is quite pleasant to use during long gaming sessions. This headphone’s strap is infinitely adjustable and may be adjusted to match the size of your head correctly.There are various sound settings that come with these White Gaming Headset which you can choose from using the Corsair ICUE program. 

We found several choices that have been fine-tuned to give an engaging gaming experience. An Omnidirectional detachable mic with a built-in LED mute indication is included with the headset. It has a 3.5mm microphone connector and can be used with your Xbox, PlayStation, or smartphone. It’s a strong gaming headphone with equally great results. It meets all of the standards for a decent White Gaming Headset and offers the finest gameplay experience

Few Key Features

  • Microphone performance is great.
  • Highly Comfortable and Durable.
  • Long lasting battery life.

2) SteelSeries Arctis 7 - Overall The Best White Gaming Headset

The Steel series Arctis 7 is easily one of the best white gaming headsets we have tested. These gaming headphones include all of the functionality a gamer like us will want. This headset offers a clean and basic design with an adjustable headband. This is a highly comfy headband that can easily suit any head size. Because of their modest size and basic style, these headphones may even be used on the go. You can simply toss them into your backpack to work or the gym. 

The start button and volume adjuster are on the right earpiece, while the audio mixer button and a micro USB charging connector are on the left earcup. Overall, this is a relatively affordable, feature-rich, and efficient wireless White Gaming Headset that you will undoubtedly like. It doesn’t nail everything, but it hits an overall standard of quality that you’d have to pay a lot more money to equal, so we recommend you try these out.

Few Key Features

  • Great sound quality with plenty of bass.
  • Many connectivity alternatives.
  • USB-C transmitter that works with most consoles and PC. 

3) Logitech G733 lightspeed - Best White Gaming Headset for Pro's and Gamers

Logitech G733 lightspeed white gaming headset

The Logitech G733 Lightspeed is a fantastic white gaming headset that is best suitable for gamers and professionals and comes with a lot of RGB lights. This is the headgear for you if you want something that looks well and sounds excellent. The Logitech G733 wireless headphone offers a great gameplay experience at a reasonable price. It is portable and can be used for lengthy periods of time. It rests nicely on your head because of the adjustable band, and you won’t notice the heaviness as it weighs only 278 grams. The headset has 7.1 audio output and a noise-canceling sensor that delivers a crisp speech with no ambient noise. 

This headset delivers superb audio quality and conveys clear sounds to your teammates during gaming. You’ll have access to the blue voice filter and the G-hub program to fine-tune your sound profile. One of the finest features of this White Gaming headset is its battery backup. We found that it has a runtime of about 29 hrs, which is incredible compared to a standard wireless headset that usually runs for about 14 hours.

Few Key Features

  • G-Hub gives you many options to customize the headset.
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • Battery lasts longer than you can imagine.
  • The microphone noise handling feature is remarkable.

4) Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum - Feature Rich White Gaming Headset

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum white gaming headset

The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum is another great white gaming headset that delivers a great deal of power and capabilities in the fight to be the most refined gaming headphones in the universe. The Logitech G933 has excellent audio quality and a stylish appearance. It is one of the most fashionable gaming headsets on the market right now. Both the headpiece and the earbuds are composed of really high-quality plastic, which, to be honest, look excellent. The ear cups are cylindrical and have a highly contemporary appearance. 

To summarise, this white gaming headset will perfectly suit your gaming needs due to its low latency, a fantastic mic, amazing sound quality, and several customization possibilities. They will connect wirelessly to your PS4 and PC, and you can use their conventional audio cord with your Xbox controller or smartphone. They also include configurable buttons and excellent software support, but they are not suitable for outdoor use because they are not the most adaptable headsets.

Few Key Features

  • Amazing build quality.
  • Comes with a lot of customizable options.
  • The design is strong and comfortable for almost all head sizes and shapes.
  • The battery is removable.

5) Alienware AW510H - Best Mid-Range White Gaming Headset

Alienware AW510H white gaming headset

The Alienware AW510H is one of the best mid-range white gaming headsets that you can get your hands on by the brand Alienware which I am sure everybody knows. This headset has a modern design and comes in a lovely white color. The headband on it is extremely flexible and will easily suit anyone’s head. This headset is composed of ABS and has a flat finish that gives you a solid grip when you hold it. The Alienware emblem adds to its appeal, and the general design distinguishes it from the rest of the headphones on our list. The ear cups are designed to sit perfectly around your ears and block out all surrounding sounds. It has a built-in USB-DAC that provides 7.1 surround sound. 

You can attach the headset to your PC through USB to access this function, then use the Alienware control tower to unleash its full capabilities. You can also connect it to your PlayStation or other consoles through a 3.5 mm headphone connection. However, if you use the 3.5 mm connection, you will lose the 7.1 surround sound. This white gaming headset offers one of the most amazing audio quality you’ll ever hear, and you won’t be disappointed.

Few Key Features

  • One of the best mid range budget gaming headset.
  • Comfortable for longer periods of time because of its lightweight design.
  • Comes with 7.1 virtual surround sound feature.

6) Razer Kraken X Ultralight - Best Budget White Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken X Ultralight white gaming headset

The Razer Kraken X is by far the best budget white gaming headset we’ve tested, and it’s the latest edition in the Kraken series, with some significant enhancements. The Kraken X is remarkably light, weighing only 250g, making it the lightest pick on our list. Razer has retained the iconic soft ear padding featured on prior models despite the weight reduction. Razer has always been outstanding at offering various color options for their products, and the Kraken X is no exception. It is available in Classic Black, Gunmetal Grey, and Mercury White. The headset is equipped with ultra-immersive 7.1 sound systems, which is ideal for competitive multiplayer games. 

There are several handy audio controls underneath the left earcup, including a volume adjuster and a mute switch. The microphone that comes with it has active noise cancellation, which your gaming buddies will definitely appreciate. The Kraken X is quite inexpensive when compared to the other white gaming headsets on this list. So, while it lacks certain fancy features like RGB and Bluetooth, the fact that it’s nearly three times less than comparable competitors more than compensates.

Few Key Features

  • Low price gaming headset with all the necessary features.
  • The quality of microphone is excellent.
  • Comes with Cross-platform compatibility.
  • 7.1 surround sound.

7) HyperX Cloud Alpha - Professionally Used White Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Alpha white gaming headset

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is one of the most popular white gaming headset choices among competitive gamers. The headset has dual-chamber speaker technology that isolates the bass from the mids and highs, allowing the user to clearly distinguish between the slightest of audio signals within any game’s environment. We discovered that certain characters rely extensively on auditory cues to counter or react to particular moves while testing this headset while playing competitive games. Because audio is vital in professional gaming, pros must carefully choose their headsets.

It has an aluminum frame, which makes it lightweight and versatile. When not in use, the microphone is totally removable, allowing you to make the headset even lighter. Fortunately, the braided aux cable is also removable, so if the cable ever goes out, it can be readily changed with another; if you’re seeking a good looking white gaming headset that offers competitive advantage when gaming, the HyperX Cloud Alpha could be the right choice for you.

Few Key Features

  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Excellent isolation and durability.
  • Comfy design.
  • Features detachable microphone.


Getting the Best white gaming headset for your PS5 & PC on a decent budget is not impossible. You can narrow down your options with the help of some essential information and tips mentioned above, and remember none of the headsets mentioned above are necessarily better than each other; it all comes down to your personal preferences. We hope this article will be able to help you in deciding which one to choose from.

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