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Gaming Accessories For Consoles and PC

Some of the best gaming accessories you definitely need in order to kick your gaming level up a notch. These accessories will help you look more professional and help you play better in most competitive games where there's just too much sweat.
Some of the best gaming accessories you definitely need in order to kick your gaming level up a notch. These accessories will help you look more professional and help you play better in most competitive games where there's just too much sweat.

To assist you in selecting the finest gaming accessories for console gaming or PC, we have tested a wide range of top products, selecting only long-lasting and well-made products that enhance the overall gaming experience. To that aim, we’ve compiled a fantastic selection of Controllers, streaming decks, gaming mouse, gadgets, and a variety of other things that will take your passion to the next level.

Below are the best gaming accessories for consoles and pc devices that you can use to improve your overall gaming experience. In this list, you’ll find products that are all safe to use and dont have any risk for the users. These devices won’t magically make you a better player, but they will undoubtedly help you become one with much ease.

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Best Gaming Accessories For Console and PC


Cronusmax Gaming Accessory

Cronusmax is a great gaming controller add-on that can be used for Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 3, 4 and 5, PC games and even mobile games. It is also compatible with all gaming devices such as joysticks, steering wheels, etc. This article will discuss how Cronusmax works from the user’s perspective in detail. Cronusmax is a third-party product that can be used with all these devices to enhance the gaming experience.

How To Setup Cronusmax :

Cronusmax for Xbox and ps4 has been priced at $79.99 and can be ordered online from their website or Amazon, which is where I got mine. The device comes with a CD containing the drivers just in case you need them to install it on your computer (but nowadays, most systems are pre-installed). The package also includes one CronusMax Plus adapter along with an instruction manual that talks about how its features work etc. Once plugged into your console’s USB port using the cable provided, turn on both devices and connect either of them to WIFI depending upon whether you wish to use Bluetooth connectivity or not; finally, make sure that you have set up all necessary settings properly as per instructions given by CronusMax and you are good to go.


The device can be used to control the game in a particular way or with different buttons. It does not need any installation for this purpose and is very easy to use. There are multiple ways of controlling games like button mapping, which means that you can choose what button on your controller should do when pressed; macros mean setting up combos (multiple commands) with one press; finally, there is scripting with Cronusmax, which allows you to set up specific conditions within the game using language.

Few Differences Between Cronusmax and Cronuszen :

Cronuszen was created by another company called Cronus Devices. It is basically a clone of CronusMax but has lower specs than it does! This device comes with a USB cable along with an instruction manual that should be enough for anyone to get started without any issues at all. Cronuszen also allows you to connect steering wheels, joysticks and other controller devices using its trainer port which can come in very handy if you are into racing games or first-person shooter games (FPS). The good thing about this product is that since it was released, there have not been many complaints regarding compatibility compared to Cronusmax, so overall, I would say it’s worth every penny invested by gamers who want better control over their gameplay.

The only real downside that people might complain about is that it does not come with any software or drivers, which means you will have to either create your own or find them online (which can be done quickly) before using the device for controlling games.


Cronuszen Gaming Accessory

The Cronuszen is an excellent gaming accessory device that can be used with any console or pc and not just Xbox one, and it lets you connect any controller on any console. For example, if you want to play with a PS4 controller on your Xbox, you can do so with the help of this device and vice versa; along with doing all this, the Cronuszen gives you the ability to mod your controllers, enabling you to run custom mods, scripts, macros for your favourite games. These scripts and mods are basically what we discussed at the top, giving players an edge over other average controller players. For example, being able to drop shot, rapid-fire, you can remap your controls and make them perform different functions with the press of one button; one good example for this can be Tekken or mortal combat, where you have to know what buttons you have to press to do a certain combo and then remap those buttons into the press of a single button and voila you don’t have to press 5 or 7 times to do the combo.


You can connect a mouse and a keyboard with the help of this with no lag at all; the games that have an inbuilt feature of doing this have lag when you do it, but with the help of Zen, you don’t need to worry about that. You can even play in controller lobbies with a mouse and keyboard as the game won’t detect your playing medium. 

How To Setup and Use :

Using and setting up this device can be complicated at first, and I would recommend going thoroughly through its user manual to understand it better. First, you need to install the Cronuszen software on your PC; then, you have to connect your device to the pc using its mini USB cable so that the software will be able to detect the device being connected. Then you need to use the micro USB cable to connect the device to your console. The 2 USB ports on the device are a passthrough through which you will connect your controller or your mouse and keyboard to the device. After doing all this successfully, you should see a green light indicating everything is in order and connected and your console name on the Zen screen.

Running Scripts :

You can download and run scripts from many forums that provide them and add them to your software compiler option. Everything else, if you want to know, can easily be found in the software itself. The library section in the software is where you can find scripts for free and download them, and you can scroll through all of its game packs you’d want to use, and you can assign these to eight slots on the device’s memory. Once all is saved, plug the Cronus Zen back into the console, and you can scroll through and select your game pack using the Zen Message screen and the buttons on the top. One more important thing is to not fall for the guys offering fancy-looking scripts for money; they are all usually scammers.


TitanTwo Gaming accessory

The Titan Two by console tuner is another great gaming accessory for consoles or pc; it’s a lot similar to the Cronuszen but performs a little bit differently. Firstly it comes with an additional slot for microSD that you can use for extra storage and content, and it has an AC adapter that will be used to connect your systems over Bluetooth without needing to connect with the USB, which can be quite a hassle. Still, the Bluetooth module is sold separately, which is a downer.

How To Setup and Use :

  1. The Bluetooth module cover which upon removal can be used there but it is sold separately.

  2. At the top of the device theres a small screen where the status of the device and its memory slot is displayed. It goes up and down trying to identify the connection type, whether it’s connected to a console, controller, or its software Gtuner 4.

    If it displays the number 0, i.e., there’s no memory slot-loaded, If it displays a number from 1 to 9, i.e., the memory slot is being used by an X number.

    AU – this means console authentication, and you can connect the correct corresponded controller to the input port of the device and E1, E2, E3 are all error codes.

  3. RGB Lightbar (shows the different type of lightings).
  4. Memory Slot Buttons, which you can use to switch and choose back and forth between different memory types and all the slots.
  5. LED which tells the status of the USB ports being used. Green- Meaning the port is active and being used. Orange- Meaning the port isn’t active but is in use. Red- Port error which can mean the connected device isn’t supported


  1. The USB port B should be connected to the preferred console’s original controller, which will be used for authentication purposes and console-specific features such as motion sensor, headset, chatpad, etc.
  2. The USB port A should be used to connect your preferred controller that you want to use; this will give the controller topmost priority over any other controller connected in other USB ports.
  3. For the provided Micro-USB cable, the output part of the device should be connected to the console, remember to make sure the output protocol configured in the device’s settings is compatible with the console in use, and these can be configured using the app Gtuner 4. 


Strike Pack PS4

The Strike Pack FPS Dominator for PS5 and PS4 is one of the best gaming accessories for your gaming controller and its much easier to set up and use, you just need to attach this on the back of your controller, plugin, and your good to go. It makes your normal console controller have more advanced gaming features. These are custom paddles giving you access to perform more actions at the same time. For example, you can drop shot and jump simultaneously while firing your gun and many other shooter mods, button remapping. You don’t have to worry about voiding your controller warranty or risk getting banned as all these are legal.

The users don’t need to install any app or software to set this up and use it. These mods give you access to hundreds of mod combinations that you can use, for example, enhanced Rapid Fire, Fully Adjustable Rapid Fire, Adjustable Burst Fire, Pulse Fire, Adjustable Anti-draw back, Adjustable Quickscope, AutoRun, Drop Shot, Reload and Slide, Easy Double Jump, Adjustable Button Turbo 2.0, Auto Hold Breath, Battlefield™ Auto spot, Motion Control Reload, Hair Triggers, and, Rumble Control.


Strike Pack Xbox

The Strike Pack FPS Dominator for Xbox and all other Xbox models is the same thing as for the PS4 and does the same functions and actions. This is also an add-on for your controller that can be attached to your controller, giving you two more sets of extra buttons on your controller’s back, enabling the users to have better and quicker access to certain features and actions that the user has set them to do. For example, you can replace the action of a specific button on your controller to be performed by these two extra buttons, thus allowing your fingers to remain on the stick and still be able to do those actions without removing your fingers and which in turn will save you some time which as we all know is very crucial for highly competitive multiplayer and fps games.


Several mods come with this that the users can choose from, like a mod that puts your player on auto Hold Breath or another mod that makes a quick Scope action (perfect for snipers), among many others like Rapid Fire Burst Fire, Auto Sprint, Auto Spot etc. All these mods can surely come in handy. 


The only con or disadvantage of these devices is that the controller to which they are attached need to be connected to your console via a USB which is almost 3 meters long, but still, in my opinion, this is a small price to pay for the advantages and benefits the users will be getting out of using this device.


LED Ring Lights with Stand is a great choice for most people as these won’t cost you a lot of money and will do the job well. This can be placed near your set up wherever you prefer and will give you good internal lightings, but it lacks few things like its not very customizable and does not illuminate larger areas. These lights come with different colour temperatures that you can set along with 11 brightness levels that can be controlled via remote. I would highly suggest using this and trying it out as this is a great choice for beginners and won’t cost you much.


Elgato Key Light

Elgato Key Light is generally used by streamers who wish to maintain their camera lighting quality at a good level for their audience and maintain a good consistency. It is used for various purposes like shooting, video creation, and photography. I would recommend this if only you have a good budget and want good and consistent brand recognition. It comes with adjustable temperatures for the colours, ranging from ultra-white 7000k to a warmer 2900k, helping and adapting to the light at any time. It has good flexibility as the handle can be placed anywhere where the user finds it comfortable. These are priced around 500 to 600 dollars.


A capture card is a great gaming accessory for gamers who stream on twitch and are regular streamers, the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S is a good capture card for PS4 that is capable of catching HDMI video signals that are encrypted for up to 1080p at 60 frames per second and then letting the users either record it on their computers or stream it on the internet. These capture cards are the best devices for the users who want to stream or broadcast their gameplay and activities on platforms like Twitch or youtube.

Its USB 3.0 and has really fast video processing capabilities, which makes this capture card highly reliable. The PlayStation and box series consoles have and come with inbuilt streaming functions, but they are highly limited and have less power if you compare them to these capture cards. One case being that you cannot stream for longer periods on a console simply because of its limited recording times, whereas you can capture and stream using the HD60 for as long as your hard drive has the space for it.

Using these capture cards, the console users can stream on any streaming platform, and it lets you have your custom layouts and overlays, making your stream better. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to live stream from consoles to use this device and give it a try.


The design of HD60 S is pretty simple and is very small, and can fit in any place the user might want; it has an HDMI input, 3.5mm audio input on one end of the device, a USB-C port, and an HDMI output on the other end as well. The strip design on the device lights up to indicate that it’s working and capturing, and other than fixing all the other cables to the device, all other features and its setting can be controlled and managed through your connected PC. You just need to plug in the HDMI input to your console, then plug the HDMI output to the TV, and plug in the USB-C port in your PC. Also, if you want to provide audio commentary, which is also vital for streamers, you can plug in a microphone or a headset into the 3.5mm port.

The game capture HD software can be download for free to use with an HD60 s device, which is also capable of streaming and recording purposes. The software places your video feed on the upper left corner of your windows screen. However, you can change this and edit it as per your requirement as well. It lets you follow your current recording/streaming status, audio levels, overlays, and capture settings at a glance. The users can create custom overlays or scenes to the stream or just use one of the ten provided and included in the software itself

9. ELGATO 4K60 S+

The Elgato 4K60 S+  is a great gaming accessory that is more advanced than its previous generation Elgato capture cards and performs well compared to them. It’s costly but is worth the money as you will be getting a wide range of features and all of its capabilities. One great feature of this is you don’t have to have a pc to use this as you can directly connect this to your console using HDMI, and your good to go. It has the ability to passthrough4k, HDR, and 60FPS, but unfortunately, it cannot do 1440p and 144hz or 1080p and 240hz, which is a downer for many, along with the need to put an SD card into use, which isn’t already provided. The Elgato HD60 S+ is an alternate cheaper version of this but doesn’t support 1440p, or 1080p240hz like this, primarily for console streamers.


10. Elgato Wave 3

Elgato wave 3

One of the best good looking stylish, and premium microphones out there and Elgato has done a great job making it as its one of the best microphones out there right now, featuring great sound quality, easy to use controls, a single knob that easily controls the mics volume level, sound mix, and headsets volume and on tapping on the top of the knob it mutes the mic (which in my opinion are all pretty simple and easy to use features). One of its great features is maintaining the volume levels even during abrupt gameplay when a user is experiencing a jump scare or a sudden change in his voice levels. The users can decide whose voice to let into the streams if they do not want their friend’s voice to be heard; they can do so by using wave link.

11. Razer seiren emote

Razer seiren emote​

The razer seiren emote a good new trendy microphone that copies and displays the most used emoticons in your streams chat on the microphone using LED functionality. The user needs to connect their streaming platform account to the razers streamer companion app. The audio quality is good as well but not up to the mark of Elgato wave three or hyper X quad cast, which offers the users a wide variety of voiceovers and adjust the levels perfectly depending on the user’s needs, whether its for streaming, podcasts, interview and many more others. The stand has been improved from its predecessor and now gives the much-needed option for more height. It features a tiltable ball-head for adjusting to the proper angle, and you can attach a one ¼ inch adapter or a five-inch gooseneck.

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